Just For You June – Day 14 – Find A New Signature Scent!

JUST FOR YOU JUNE – Creating the habit of having a little ‘me’ time and reaping the rewards!

Perfume is such a personal thing, what you love, others may detest, but if you get compliments for your fragrance, then you know you have found the perfect one.

Every year over 1000 new frangrances are developed and released on to the market, unfortunately this can mean that your favourite can become extinct.

a scent bottle

If you have been wearing the same perfume for years, why not discover a new one. Spending an hour or two ‘playing’ in the cosmetics section of a large department store is fun, and right now, the mid year sales are in full swing, so you can probably nab yourself a bargain.

A few golden rules for finding a new fragrance:-

* Don’t wear perfume when you are going to sample other scents as they will intermingle and you won’t get a true test.

* Test new fragrances on the cardboard strips before applying to yourself.

* Little dishes of coffee beans will often be seen around perfume stands, have a good sniff of the beans to help clear scents from your nose.

* Allow a perfume to sit on your skin for at least 10 minutes to see how your body reacts to it, it can often smell quite different to how it was on the cardboard strip.

* Don’t be afraid to ask for other opinions (except the sales girl as she will ALWAYS say it smells wonderful)!

* Don’t be a brand snob, there are some wonderful scents available from affordable brands.

Enjoy loosing yourself in the world of fragrance and find your new knock out scent!

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