An Easy and Sweet Teen Birthday Party

Easy teen birthday party ideas

On Friday my ‘baby’ turned 16!

Both of my girls have always had a party every year as I am one of those mums that just can’t not do it.

When Miss WW and I were discussing possible party options, she would want a party minute and then decide the next that she didn’t want one.

That’s teenagers for you!

Then she accidently discovered that her friends were planning a surprise party for her.

Lovely idea, but was anyone going to tell me about it?

Low and behold, the text message arrived…….can we please host the party at your place?

Of course, I said yes.

They planned this fabulous menu, and then asked me if I could take care of all the grocery shopping for, because I get staff discount.

Thank you Woolworths online, you saved the day there.

Normally all of this would not have been a problem, BUT my work week last week was almost double my normal hours, and my time was rather limited and my energy levels were barely above zero, but in the end we all pulled off an awesome night.

One of her friends mother decorates cakes, so they organised for this beauty to be dropped off at home.

They did go out and buy all the decorations and one of the girls came over to our house to help set up, whilst another friend kept Miss WW busy for the afternoon so we could get it all done.

Another friend works at the Confectionary Warehouse, so when they asked him to bring lollies and we went a little overboard. He brought an entire cardboard box full!

So they did help, but the food was left to me. I decided I would just make Miss WW’s all time favourites and bought the rest ready made.

Normally if we have a party at home I cook up a storm, but this was simply not possible this time round.

So I broke the 5 (yes 5) hour party down into 4 sections and served the following:-

1. Beetroot dip and hommus with veggie slices, bruschetta with French stick slices and a selection of chips.

2. Mini chicken and beef pies, mini sausage rolls, sausages cut in half and mini hot dog rolls so they could make their own with tomato, BBQ or mustard sauce.

3. Chocolate fountain with marshmallows, strawberries, mini meringues, strawberry and cream lollies and my awesome caramel fudge.

chocolate fountain for teens birthday

4. Birthday cake and present opening.

I was surprised how fast 5 hours went by and how great a time everyone had, basically entertaining themselves and eating.

Just as all but a small handful of guests had gone home, we had to make a call to 000 as one boy went to stand up and got his leg caught between two chairs and dislocated his knee so that it was pointing outwards instead of straight ahead. Thankfully his knee will be fine and he did not do it doing something ridiculous even though I am sure he would have preferred a better ‘story’.

Miss WW had a wonderful birthday and was so impressed that her friends went to the effort of organising her special day.

……and there are now ‘L’ plates on the car… we go again!

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