6 Tips For Hosting A Dinner Party


6 steps to the perfect dinner party



There are many ways to host a truly fabulous and memorable dinner party. Apply these tips and expect your guests to soon be waxing lyrical as they compare your talents to those of celebrity chefs! These handy hints are brought to you by ASKO.

1. Get organised in the kitchen and use your resources

Well in advance of your dinner party, ensure that you have all of the equipment, appliances and utensils that you require. Be sure to check that all of your major appliances, such as your dishwasher and oven, are clean and in good working order as they will be working overtime in the lead up to and on the night of your dinner party. To keep your major appliances running optimally, be sure to follow the care and service instructions of the manufacturer. If you realise that it’s time to upgrade and replace your dishwasher or oven, investigate the options available. Companies such as ASKO provide major appliances of the highest quality and impressive design that really will make all the difference to your efforts in the kitchen. Click here to find out more.

2. Cook with confidence

Rather than using a dinner party as the time to cook an extravagant and complicated dish that you have never previously attempted, stick with a menu that you know you can do. Try new recipes another time – to give them a go for the first time at your dinner party will raise your stress levels out of sight.

3. Strike a balance

When menu planning, carefully consider the way that dishes do or do not work well together and do your best to avoid an excess of heavy dishes. Try to avoid using too much of any one thing (for example, pastry) and consider the appropriateness of basing your menu around a particular theme, such as Greek or Japanese food.

4. Find out about dietary requirements

Prior to your dinner party, check to see whether your guests have any special dietary requirements. Learning about your guests’ dietary needs may help you design and create a menu that can be enjoyed by all, or help you to identify ways of adapting courses for particular people.

5. Advance preparation is key

In order to spare yourself from last-minute panic, make sure you cook at least one course (in its absolute entirety) before the dinner party. If you want to serve a dish that is very complicated and involved, this should be the dish that you prepare in advance. Not only is this a great idea, but you will almost certainly be surprised by the number and range of dishes that can be prepared ahead of time without compromising quality, freshness and flavour. For other courses, think carefully about all of the steps that you can do before the night of the dinner party. Getting as much done as possible will help you to relax and enjoy the occasion with your guests.

6. Choose dishes that look professional but are easy to make

Many dishes look and taste like they have been professionally done, but are not all that difficult to make. Dishes including Beef Wellington, Pork Belly, Crème Brulee and Panna Cotta all fit this category. Use these tips when hosting your next dinner party to be well-prepared and deliver a fun occasion that features a truly delicious menu.

Do you stick to favourite dishes when organising a dinner party or are you really adventurous?

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