World Wide Chocolate Shortage?…..OH NO!!

I can’t believe the simple action of opening my ninemsn home page could cause such feelings of fear!

No, it was not the usual headlines of sad and upsetting horror’s occuring in the world that made my stomach lurch, and as shallow as it may be, this headline sure did:-

Are chocolate supplies about to run out?

I do NOT want to hear that the world is on the brink of chocolate supply crisis, or that there is skyrocketing demand for cocao (the magic raw ingredient), or that there is instability in the main growing regions!

Even though I have lost almost 30kg, I did it WITHOUT giving up chocolate! I might not eat as much in one sitting as I used to, but it is a regular addition in my diet, and I know I have read ‘that chocolate is good for you’, one small piece of dark chocolate a day (who only eats that?)!

I have never checked the ‘Use By’ dates on a block of chocolate (as it never lasts long enough for it too be an issue), but maybe I need to start stockpiling my favourites. What will the Easter Bunny deliver next year if there is no chocolate? What will I make when I am next time I have to bring something to a friends for dinner, I am always relied on to bring the sweet stuff, funny that!

Sweet or Savoury – Whats your ‘poison’?

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