What would you do with a BILLION dollars?

Lotto fever is taking over the world this week as the biggest prize is up for grabs this Thursday!

$1.3 billion big reasons why so many people want a ticket.

Billion dollar lotto prize

That is a lot of coin!

Unlike Australia, lotto prizes in the USA are taxed, but hey, you would still receive approximately $880 million and with our underwhelming Australian dollar you would receive an equivalent of about $1.2 billion AUD.

Those numbers seem pretty damn good to me.

You would get your name on the Forbes Rich List overnight.

BUT what to do with such a huge sum of money?

You could follow the golden rule of winning big money and not losing it within the first 12 months (which happens to many big prize winners) and that is to spend half and save half.

Even with our measly interest rates, a simple term deposit of $500 million would net you $12.5 million per annum. Even after tax I could live on that.

All my dreams would become an instant reality.

Actually I would have to rethink them and blow them even bigger.

My family would want for nothing.

All the travel destinations on my list would get ticked off.

My favourite charitable organisations would not know what hit them when my cheques arrived in the mail.

 I would also set up my own.

There would be time to craft, read and drink cocktails staring at oceans.

Retreats, conferences and masterminds would be scheduled in without a second thought.

New skills would be learned.

Yes, I have got a ticket in the draw.

 Thanks to lottoland.com.au, Aussies can buy a ticket in this mega dream.

What would you do with that much cash?

One thought on “What would you do with a BILLION dollars?

  1. With a billion dollars I would travel, travel & travel!! I would sell my house, buy a house at the beach, a house in the mountains, a house in the country and a house in whatever my favourite travel destination was. I would set up my kids with their own homes, and pay of my families mortgages. I would donate some to charity. Oh and so many other things that are too indulgent to even think about! haha

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