Opallac Gel Polish Kit Review

Beautifully polished nails are my thing!

I have been blessed with nails that grow quickly and are nice and strong.

 Once a week I diligently paint them but have never actually gone and had my nails professionally done, even though I have admired the lovely finish you get from gel polish.

Keeping them polished is a priority for me as my day job is very unkind to nails and if I have them bare, they break way too easily.

My very clever girls found the perfect Christmas present for me this year…..the Opallac Gel Polish Kit.

Gel nails at home with Opallac

Everything you need to have gorgeous gel nails in one kit!

For around the same price as two visits to the nail salon, you can do it yourself for months!

In the kit you receive –

1 x Opallac LED nail lamp

1 x Gel Base Coat

3 x  Gel Colours (a pale pink, a hot pin and a red)

1 x Gel Top Coat

1 x 2-in-1 Shine & Soak Solution

1 x 30pk Remover Wraps

1 x Nail File

1 x Buffing Block

1 x Full colour, step-by-step Instruction Guide.


I pre-read the instructions carefully and got a few tips from a friend of mine who used to be a beauty therapist.

The golden rule seems to be, use THIN coats for each layer, which goes against how I usually apply polish as I like it to look thick and glossy.

I did do as I was told and within 15 minutes I had the most beautiful nails that I could do anything with, no smudges, streaks or mess-ups!

They did look absolutely fabulous.

Will they stay looking good or like most normal polishes only great for a day or two?

Fabulous gel nails at home

10 days later and they are still shiny, glossy, chip free and zero wear on the tips, winning!

I always like to add glitter to my ring fingers, and as the kit did not come with glitter polish I took the chance and just painted one of my polishes onto the nail after the process was finished. It adhered perfectly and is holding out just as well as the gel.

Opallac nail polish colours

I will definitely be expanding my colour collection and including some of the great glitter options that are available.

This kit is certainly one of the best pressies I have ever received and works exactly as promised.

You can shop online (Aussie company) or call into Priceline to purchase these products.

Was definitely feeling a little sad when I thought about all the lovely nail polishes I have in my collection, but I was advised to not use the gel system on my toes, so will keep using normal polish on my tootsies and keep the gel for my fingers.

Do you do gel nails?

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5 thoughts on “Opallac Gel Polish Kit Review

  1. So jealous of your lovely strong long nails! I’ve recently discovered Jamberry nail wraps which look nice even with my short boring nails and last ages. What was the reason for not using gel polish on your tootsies?

    1. Hi Janet, my beautician friend said that gel toes nails are more susceptible to fungal infections, so I will not risk it and just do my fingers instead. My toes only need doing every 3 or 4 weeks anyway.

    1. My gosh Jess, I don’t know what you are doing wrong as I am totally amazed at how good it has worked, and I followed the instructions to a tee.

  2. They look great! I don’t nail polish – it never lasts and it’s just not me anyway – but I love how you always put glitter on the ring finger. Gorgeous1 #teamIBOT

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