Wham Bam Slam Down That Phone!

After doing the math, I realised I have been working for 30 years! OMG!

The good news though, is that in all those years, I have only had one crap job, that I hated and it hated me, needless to say after 6 months I waved it good-bye and moved on.

Just over 2 years ago when I became a single mum, I pretty much felt like curling up in a ball and hiding away from the rest of the world forever. Prior to that I was working at night, which I loved because my ex was home looking after the kidlets whilst I went to work and it left my days free to do as I pleased and do the school runs as you do.

When my built in child minder was no longer in the house, going to work at night was no longer a good option, even though my girls are teens and very sensible I WAS NOT leaving them alone 5 nights a week!

A quick search on SEEK.COM, a quick on-line form fill-in, and a quick interview later, I had scored myself a new job, working from home, doing the dreaded telemarketer thing.


Now I always thought I could sell ice to eskimo’s, but this telemarketing gig was tough going.

I got yelled at.

Chatted up.

Phone slammed in my ear.

Got personal with way to many answering machines.

Sworn at.

Played therapist to those with a long list of woes.

and the company wondered why we did not sell enough…….

I put up with it for 6 months, waved the red flag, and moved on!

That scene is just not for me.

BUT on a much brighter note, the other 29 1/2 years of working have been awesome.

13 years as a corporate travel consultant, galavanting around the world being wined and dined.

10 years working with my parents in various gorgeous gourmet deli’s, perfect zone for a choclaholic like myself.

Having my own business, doing hot stone massage, facials and other fun stuff.

Plus a bit of waitressing and other bits.

Many of these jobs were down right hard work, but I thrive under pressure and slack right off if I don’t have a lot that needs doing.

So I really can’t complain, just one bad stint in all those years, is pretty cool.

Getting comfy on The Lounge today at Falling Face First  🙂


9 thoughts on “Wham Bam Slam Down That Phone!

  1. Call centre work is so hard! I’ve done a few temp roles in my time and it’s not for me either. Thankfully you’ve had a great career since. I’d love to work in travel.

  2. An insurance call centre was bad enough, telemarketing would be horrific.

    Glad it was your only crap job. I would never cope working in any hospitality type job as wonderful as they sound. I have zero people skills. Sigh.

  3. Woah – telemarketing would be a TOUGH gig – though I guess you had to have a little taste of rubbish after making it through your teens unscathed 😉 I’m not making light of those years after your separation though – they must have been tough. And props to you for doing what had to be done. Glad you’ve come out the other side to more awesome and fulfilling work. Hot stone massage you say…. Don’t suppose you’re down NSW way?? 😉 x Kim (Lounge Lizard the III)

  4. Cold calling is the WORST! I did it for about a week and it nearly killed me. I love the idea of your travel job…how does one get to do something like that?! x

  5. Cold calls can be demoralising. I had to do it for my corporate sales job, selling IT and videoconferencing hardware. Tough gig. In the end, the big bucks just wasn’t worth it.

  6. Well good on you for sticking out the call centre for a whole 6 months! I’m glad to hear it’s only one little negative blip in an otherwise positive work life. The wining and dining would make up for a lot 🙂

  7. Oh I have ALWAYS thought that Telemarketing would be the devils’ own work. I would hate it so much. I am so stupidly understated and apologetic there is NO WAY I could ever be a salesperson. I would be awful.

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