Aroma-Therapy Thursday – Wonderful Winter Blends!

Welcome to Aroma-Therapy Thursday, a new regular feature here!

Fifteen years ago, a little venture into the world of Essential Oils, grew into a passion for natures pharmacy. I was simply trying to find suitable ways to help my young girls get over the illnesses that so often plague children such as sore throats and ear infections. I hated running to the doctors whenever they were unwell, so I set out to discover alternatives. By far aromatherapy has been the most successful in helping us get through many a bug invasion without the need for anti-biotics all the time.

I use essential oils for health, beauty, cleaning, washing, even Miss Tiger the resident fluff ball does not escape my blending, and I have decided that it is time to share what I have learned.


Winter is only a few days away, but already the temperatures have plummeted!

Cold and Flu season is well and truly alive, so many around me are already struggling with the sniffles, so it is time to to get some essential oils into action, to help you cope with the symptoms or help boost your immunity so that you don’t catch a cold.


This blend is my winter survival blend and packs a powerful punch to increase immunity, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and relieves congestion.



Burner:- In any candle powered burner, fill the bowl with water, add 2 drops of each essential oil, light and candle and place in the cradle. After a only a few minutes this beautiful blend will start wafting through your home, killing air-borne germs.

Bath:- Fill your bath with warm water until almost full. Add 3 drops of each essential oil into the running water just before you get in.

Massage:- In a small bowl, add 30ml of pure oil (Sweet Almond or Fractionated Coconut are my favourites) and add 1 drop of each essential oil. Gently swish around with your finger to combine. Massage directly onto the soles of your feet or onto your chest if you already have a cold. Seal remaining oil with cling wrap and will be usable for 2 – 3 days.

Tissue:- Fold a tissue or handkerchief in half and then half again. Apply 1 drop of each essential oil and hold directly under your nose. Inhale deeply. Keep doing this through out the day to clear and relax the nasal passage and chest.

Shower:- Apply 1 drop of each essential oil on to a facewasher and place on the base of your shower, the warm water running on to the cloth will release the vapours whilst you shower.


One of my pet peeves about winter is you have to close all the windows and doors to stay warm, and after cooking, the house smells like dinner, until the next day when I open the windows to flush out the smell. I have a bottle of this blend in my kitchen cupboard and use it each night to help counteract the smells. These oils are not only antiseptic, the citrus family is uplifting which is an added benefit of using these after a long hard day.


Using a glass or stainless steel spray bottle, fill with 500ml of distilled water and 5 drops of each essential oil. (Adjust the amount of drops you use if you have a smaller spray bottle).

Spray liberally around your kitchen and home to freshen the air. This is also a great blend to use in the toilet instead of commercial air fresheners!



* Do not apply these essential oils directly to your skin if you are pregnant.

* For children’s baths only use 1 drop of each essential oil.

* Only use pure essential oils, fragrant oils available from discount stores are made from manufactured fragrance, they have no healing powers and that is why they are so cheap.

* Before applying directly to the skin (massage), do a drop test on the inside of your wrist and ensure that you do not have any type of reaction. Wait for 30 minutes and if no redness or irritation occurs you are safe to procede to a large area of skin.



Quality essential oils are not cheap, but these little bottles go a long way, when you see how few drops you need to use.

Whilst I love Young Living and doTerra essential oils, their prices are prohibitive for many as they are heavily loaded to ensure that their distributors can make money. Thanks to a friend and a little googling, I have found a supplier in Australia that stocks a huge range of very good quality pure essential oils, massage blends and other goodies at absolutely fabulous prices, making it possible for anyone to enjoy the health and wellness benefits of aromatherapy.

N-Essentials will deliver to your home and you can order products in varying sizes depending on how quickly you use things.

(These links include my affiliate ID, and I will receive a small commission from your purchases that will help restock my supplies and create more amazing ‘recipies’ to share)

What is your favourite winter survival tip?

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3 thoughts on “Aroma-Therapy Thursday – Wonderful Winter Blends!

  1. We too use natural remedies to cure our family. One of our boys has the sniffles at the moment so we have been using a cut up onion next to his pillow at night.
    I like your winter blend of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree oil. Will have to make up some with our oils – thanks for the great tip!

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