Time Efficient Hairstyling Tips

Time Efficient Hairstyling Tips

A notion every busy person can sympathise with is that of being time-poor. There just never seems to be enough minutes, even seconds in the day to achieve all your goals, or even just leave a little break for yourself! A time-efficient grooming routine is essential for people who want to spend their mornings catching some extra zzz’s, rather than standing in front of the bathroom mirror, losing the battle against your hair surrounded by knots and countless hair products. Never fear – here are some time efficient hairstyling tips guaranteed to slice your grooming schedule down to a reasonable size.

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Hair Concealers

If the majority of your morning is spent strategically manoeuvring layers of hair over parts of your scalp looking a little obvious, then hair concealers are an invaluable time saver. Applying the concealer only takes a few minutes, simply sprinkle on and pat down to ensure it’s locked in. Once applied, it’s not going anywhere – rain, hail or shine! Hair concealers come in an array of different hues, so you’re guaranteed to find one matching your colour. Products like BioTHIK by Transitions Hair are perfect for easy application and flawless coverage, and no-one will even notice you’re wearing concealer. They’ll just be envious of your full head of hair!

Hand Cream

Yes, you heard right. Not just great for keeping our digits soft and supple – hand cream is brilliant at taming those pesky flyaways that torment the unruly and wild haired folk among us. Simply apply the cream using your fingers to smooth down those misbehaving strands. They’re also perfect for creating the perfect curl! Applying the cream to your finger and then twisting your strands around it can be great for creating a bouncing head of hair.

The Humble Ponytail (is not so humble anymore!)

The ponytail is a basic staple in every busy woman’s hair care routine but there’s no reason it can’t be jazzed up in minimal time! Try wrapping two pieces of hair around your hairband for a runway ready do, or even putting an extra band down near the tip of your hair. The ponytail is way more versatile than you might think – so play around with it and find a unique style that suits your length.

Dry Shampoo

If you’re lacking on time and don’t want to go through the process of washing and drying your hair, dry shampoo is a brilliant short-term fix. It eliminates the greasy, dirty look in seconds. Dry shampoo is also very handy at upping the volume of your hair if you’re feeling a little deflated. Whether you’ve curled or straightened your hair, simply massage the shampoo into your roots and around the top of your head to add some lift and leave your hair looking full and voluptuous!

So if you’re sick of watching the time fly by as you go through your morning hair-wrangling routine, try some of these helpful hints to tame the often traumatic experience of doing ones hair.

What are some products, techniques or hairstyles that are a godsend to your morning schedule?

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