Things I Know – Thank You!

So Much To Be Thankful For……

I know….it’s a long weekend this week, so my girls are not going to school on Monday so we get to have a day of fun together…a trip into the city to eat the best sushi in Brisbane is on the cards…yum!

I know….I actually remembered to top up my GoCard, so that I can get on the bus to go on the above mentioned trip into the city, instead of being kicked on to the curb!

I know….it’s my besties birthday this weekend, and we are getting together for a glass of red or two to celebrate!

I know….it’s exam block time in this house, one of those cruel and unavoidable nasties in life. Miss WW (16) is in the throws of it right now, but on a positive note, she sat her first exam that actually counts towards her IB score yesterday, a 15 minute English oral presentation and she walked out of there on cloud 9, after the examiner gave her such positive feedback….IB45 here we come!

I know….it’s Day 7 of the 28 Day Authors Blog Challenge and I am very proud of myself as I have actully posted everyday, unlike my usual attemps at these things and losing the plot after only a couple of days, as life gets in the way.

I know….that a LOT of strong emotions surfaced when I read this article about Home Births and the death of babies that could possibly have been avoided if the births had taken place in hospital. After my Miss WW (13) was born very ‘blue’ with the cord wrapped around her neck, following a speedy exit from the comfort of my tummy, it was action stations to get her breathing again ASAP and fortunately this was done, and my gorgeous baby suffered no ill effects. I can’t believe that mothers would risk the lives of the most precious gift every given to us, for the want of being at home….I am SO grateful that I never gave that a consideration!

I know….that it is cold and getting verrrry grey outside, but my laptop and I have set up office on my nice comfy cosy bed, love it!

I know….that we are having Salt & Pepper Calamari for dinner, can’t wait!

I know….that today is a ‘thank-you’ day for every minute, everything, and everyone that is part of my day – good, bad or ugly, I am grateful for it all!

What do you know?….come and share with us over at Singular Insanity, we would love to hear it!


2 thoughts on “Things I Know – Thank You!

  1. Linking in with TIK – thanks for sharing things that you know. I love that it is a long weekend too. Where is the best sushi in Brisbane ? We went to a place one road over from Queen St Mall and loved it – much nicer than the sushi we generally get on the Gold Coast !!
    Enjoy the long weekend and good luck to your children for their exams.
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

    1. The very best sushi in Brissie, is in Adelaide Street, just up from Starbucks. They get so busy sometimes, you have to line up the street and they have staff to keep the line running smoothly. Next time you are in Brisbane, you must go and try it!

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