Author Blog Challenge – Day 6 – Absolutely No Idea!

Where were you when the idea for your book was initially ignited?

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer….I didn’t decide in my 20’s that I was no longer going to be a Corporate Travel Consultant….I didn’t decide whilst I was sitting at home nursing my young girls that writing was going to be my future path, in fact I have absolutely no idea when I thought about writing a book, and actually doing anything about it.

The idea joined the long line up of idea’s that I have, but as with many of my idea’s they stay just that. Ego steps in and says “you can’t do that”, “you don’t have what it takes”, or “you gotta be joking”, and they just linger around in idea heaven.

BUT this idea was different to many of the others, it kept niggling away in the background, a piece of paper started to get filled with notes, ideas, chapter headings and a title. One day I opened a blank word document and just started typing, saved it on a USB and then again for a long time, nothing more happened.

My gorgeous girls where my inspiration, they are growing up into incredible young ladies, with good manners, lot’s of friends, excellent school results and fabulous health. If I can have kids like this, I must have done something right along the way, and I wanted to give all parents the opportunity to do the same….and Kids R Klever – How To Help Your Kids Shine! was born, but would it ever grow up!

Then last year when I had no more hubbie around to distract me day after day, and a desire to change my life and how I did things, I found a voice, that I didn’t know existed, a voice that wanted to speak via a page not a tone, and I typed and typed and it just kept flowing out. I was amazed how easily it flowed.

I really had no idea what I was doing, I just did it. My super nerd MissWW helped me create the cover, I figured out how to open a Kindle account, and got it up for sale. I learnt how to set up another page on this blog, to have it for sale there as well. It really is amazing how much you can acheive when your heart is behind your action, not your head. I have only very basic computer skills, as they certainly did not teach us about that in school!

There are plenty more book idea’s in the idea bank (aka – my head), with two already under construction, I am loving writing and won’t be stopping in the near future.

Don’t let ANYTHING stop you from acheiving your dream, we are all capable of anything, as long as we let our heart guide us in the right direction….

Do you have anything that you regret not doing?

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