A Special Gift For All Parents!

It’s almost Christmas, and this weekend, starting TODAY, I am linking up with group of bloggers to share some special Christmas offers, at Mummy Manifesto’s first online market, yay!


Christmas is an amazing time, especially for children. All the glitter, sparkles and excitment of the arrival of the man in red, is more than most can bare.

I adore my two gorgeous girls and love sharing in fun activities together, like decorating the home, baking my famous shortbreads, choosing gifts for family and friends and enjoying wonderful celebrations with those closest too our hearts.

More than anything, I want my girls to have outrageously successful and fun-filled lives, to live out their dreams, be, do and have anything they want, and be full of love, compassion and kindness. I wish for them to live in great health, rise above fear and not fall victim to living a lesser life being dragged down by others.

All parents simply want the very best for their children, but so often, our past conditioning, current life situations, stresses and fears teach our children that life is hard and that is just the way it is.

Determined to give my girls the best possible chance of creating a dream life, I have had to change the way I share and teach them about life.

To help other parents do the same, I have written a positive parenting e-book, that is full of fun and loving ways you can tackle lfe’s issues and concerns and teach your children in the most uplifting way how to be the best they can be.


For this weekend, I have slashed the price by 50%. Download it now for only $4.95!

Discover all the wonderful inclusions and download it now HERE (this offer only applies to the direct download option, not the Kindle edition)

Come and join the market day, discover some great offers and new blogs and spread some Christmas cheer!

Author Blog Challenge – Day 17 – Calling All Parents!!

Describe the market for your book – to the tiniest detail!   Why that demographic?

This prompt is an easy one today, no deviation’s necessary!

Calling All Parents – This One Is For You!……

For every wonderful parent out there who has been blessed with children, I wrote this book for you……as a mother of two gorgeous girls, I want them to have the most awesome, adventurous, and amazing life possible. With health, success and good fortune being their constant companions, with no limitations of what they can acheive if their heart desires it and not making the same mistakes I did, I am a Natural Therapist with my own clinic, I have pooled all my learning, life lessons and love into Kids R Klever – How to help your kids shine! to help make your parenting jouney easier with better results.

Life constantly throws challenges at us, it is how react to those challenges that makes the difference. The supermarket is full of huge variety of foods, but it is the ones that go into our trolley’s that makes the difference. How did your parents raise you, do you want to pass all those beliefs onto your child?

Kids R Klever, covers Health and Wellbeing, Natural Support for ADD/ADHD/Aspergers, Goals, Building Self-Esteem, Teaching Valuable Life Skills, Fun Games with Positive Lessons, Bullying, Affirmations and so much more. It will become your best friend for to help you raise your children.

GIVEAWAY – This week, 5 lucky families will receive Kids R Klever – How to help your kids shine! for FREE!

For your chance to win simply ‘Like’ my FACEBOOK page, share this post, and email me on nikki@wonderfullywomen.com (so I know where to send your ebook) and good luck!

On Sunday I will randomly select 5 winners and will email your the book…..I am so excited!

What is the biggest issue you face with your children at the moment?

Author Blog Challenge – Day 9 – About Face

If your book is nonfiction, what could you do to turn it into a story?

My first reaction to this prompt, is no way, I don’t do fiction, might have to break my vow about following the prompts each day!

Why do we find it so hard to step out of our comfort zone?

I don’t need to write the book, just rearrange how it is presented, in theory!

So after a lovely ‘girls’ lunch and a couple of wines, I thought what the heck, let’s give this a go and see what happens….

My book Kids R Kelver – How To Help Your Kids Shine! is all about squashing limiting beliefs, living a healthy life and acheiving your dreams, not about ‘I can’t do it’…so here goes…

“Charlie is a tomboy, living on a cattle station, in a remote part of Western Queensland. There is no internet, not even a phone, just a two way radio for contact with the big wide world. Life on the land in Australia is tough, as they battle drought or flood, very rarely getting a nice combination of both. Grocery shopping only happens once a month as it is an 8 hour round trip to the ‘local’ supermarket. If you forget to buy sugar you go without for the next four weeks. Mail is airdropped once a week. Schooling is done via two way radio. All the family work hard looking after 1000’s of head of cattle, trying to keep them alive so they get to market so the bank does not foreclose on the property that has been in the family for over 80 years, but every month the risk is there and it is a stuggle to stay afloat.

Modern technology is creeping out into the county, and internet access arrives, like a gift from the gods. Charlie starts to get a glimpse of what is out there. She has never even seen the ocean, or snow, or a department store, or traffic lights, or ever owned a dress.

Tired of food in cans, she sees so much beautiful fresh produce available for city folk, she manages to get her dad to order in some seed packets, and she goes about building a vegetable patch in the rough barren land that is her backyard. Nuturing it daily with love and water before long the rewards for her toil are beautiful fresh vegetables for the family to adore.

She discovers on-line books, has full access to School of The Air, falls in love with ‘Google’ and realises that she can learn any skill, be anything, and go anywhere. Her brothers will stay on the farm and carry on the tradition, but she will NOT. There is a big wide world waiting for her to embrace…..and nothing is going to stop her……..

Well that was fun, just glad I didn’t have to write the whole book, think it’s time for another glass of wine instead!

Author Blog Challenge – Day 6 – Absolutely No Idea!

Where were you when the idea for your book was initially ignited?

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer….I didn’t decide in my 20’s that I was no longer going to be a Corporate Travel Consultant….I didn’t decide whilst I was sitting at home nursing my young girls that writing was going to be my future path, in fact I have absolutely no idea when I thought about writing a book, and actually doing anything about it.

The idea joined the long line up of idea’s that I have, but as with many of my idea’s they stay just that. Ego steps in and says “you can’t do that”, “you don’t have what it takes”, or “you gotta be joking”, and they just linger around in idea heaven.

BUT this idea was different to many of the others, it kept niggling away in the background, a piece of paper started to get filled with notes, ideas, chapter headings and a title. One day I opened a blank word document and just started typing, saved it on a USB and then again for a long time, nothing more happened.

My gorgeous girls where my inspiration, they are growing up into incredible young ladies, with good manners, lot’s of friends, excellent school results and fabulous health. If I can have kids like this, I must have done something right along the way, and I wanted to give all parents the opportunity to do the same….and Kids R Klever – How To Help Your Kids Shine! was born, but would it ever grow up!

Then last year when I had no more hubbie around to distract me day after day, and a desire to change my life and how I did things, I found a voice, that I didn’t know existed, a voice that wanted to speak via a page not a tone, and I typed and typed and it just kept flowing out. I was amazed how easily it flowed.

I really had no idea what I was doing, I just did it. My super nerd MissWW helped me create the cover, I figured out how to open a Kindle account, and got it up for sale. I learnt how to set up another page on this blog, to have it for sale there as well. It really is amazing how much you can acheive when your heart is behind your action, not your head. I have only very basic computer skills, as they certainly did not teach us about that in school!

There are plenty more book idea’s in the idea bank (aka – my head), with two already under construction, I am loving writing and won’t be stopping in the near future.

Don’t let ANYTHING stop you from acheiving your dream, we are all capable of anything, as long as we let our heart guide us in the right direction….

Do you have anything that you regret not doing?