Author Blog Challenge – Day 17 – Calling All Parents!!

Describe the market for your book – to the tiniest detail!   Why that demographic?

This prompt is an easy one today, no deviation’s necessary!

Calling All Parents – This One Is For You!……

For every wonderful parent out there who has been blessed with children, I wrote this book for you……as a mother of two gorgeous girls, I want them to have the most awesome, adventurous, and amazing life possible. With health, success and good fortune being their constant companions, with no limitations of what they can acheive if their heart desires it and not making the same mistakes I did, I am a Natural Therapist with my own clinic, I have pooled all my learning, life lessons and love into Kids R Klever – How to help your kids shine! to help make your parenting jouney easier with better results.

Life constantly throws challenges at us, it is how react to those challenges that makes the difference. The supermarket is full of huge variety of foods, but it is the ones that go into our trolley’s that makes the difference. How did your parents raise you, do you want to pass all those beliefs onto your child?

Kids R Klever, covers Health and Wellbeing, Natural Support for ADD/ADHD/Aspergers, Goals, Building Self-Esteem, Teaching Valuable Life Skills, Fun Games with Positive Lessons, Bullying, Affirmations and so much more. It will become your best friend for to help you raise your children.

GIVEAWAY – This week, 5 lucky families will receive Kids R Klever – How to help your kids shine! for FREE!

For your chance to win simply ‘Like’ my FACEBOOK page, share this post, and email me on (so I know where to send your ebook) and good luck!

On Sunday I will randomly select 5 winners and will email your the book…..I am so excited!

What is the biggest issue you face with your children at the moment?

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