I Will See You In An Hour Or Three, I Am Logging On To Pinterest!

I am totally in love with the visionary splendor that is Pinterest!

It is no surprise that Pinterest is growing rapidly as a successful medium for promoting products. I love images, they tell stories without hours of reading and Pinterest provides an absolute smorgesboard of inspiration, admiration and enjoyment. There is simply no better way to discover the wonderful creativity of others than scrolling through the pages of Pinterest.

My biggest issue with Pinterest, is that when I do log on, I find it incredibly hard to log off, and an hour or two or three later I am still pinning away merrily. I truly have to to limit how often I do visit as nothing else would ever get done.

I have lot’s of boards and collect food, fashion, chocolate, cocktails, craft, home, storage, health, beauty, travel, inspirational messages and even cute animal snaps get repinned by me.

baby panda

…see what I mean, just can’t resist…

Many a blog post idea has been born from a Pinterest picture. Many a birthday party idea has actually been re-created from an idea on Pinterest. Many a dinner recipe has been served at my table after I found it on Pinterest.

As much as I love spending time there, I have really not been very imaginative about using Pinterest as a tool to promote my blog, my book or anything else. I have posted a few pictures from blog posts that are my original images, and I have got a board called wonderfully women.com for the images, but they are few and far between.

A light has turned on though in the deep dark of my brain, that it is time to get creative, and use this virtual photo album to help direct more targeted traffic in my direction. I feel a strategic planning session in the making.  Just like writers block that tends to strike on occassion, at this moment I am definately have an image block, but I will mull over it for the next few days and just see what wonderful ideas will present themselves.

I am so looking forward to reading all the posts of others taking part in the Author Blog Challenge to see if there is other addicts out there, and if they have successfully been using Pinterest as a business tool!

You can find me adding more boards at www.pinterest.com/nixxmorgan ūüôā


Staring Mortality In The Face!

Author Blog Challenge – Day 18

Today the author in me is quiet.

Today I am not following the promt.

Today I am staring mortality in the face.

Today I learnt that a guy I went to school with passed away last week.

Glenn was not a good friend of mine, I went to school with him (MSHS Class of 82), I havn’t even seen him since the day we graduated from year 12, 30 years ago. BUT thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, I was¬†part of his everyday life and me part of his. I knew about his family happenings, how work was going, what he did on the weekends in his spare time….all the wonderful things you share¬†on your page.

Only about 6 weeks ago,¬†Glenn mentioned he had not been feeling well and was off to the doctors. He was prescribed anti-biotics as the doctor thought he had a stomach bug of sorts. The drugs had no effect so he went back to the doctors for¬†and got prescribed a different drug to¬†try. None¬†of them worked, his weight was dropping dramatically and before you could say ‘boo’, he was admitted to hospital, diagnosed with an inoperable, untreatable and incredibly aggressive intestinal cancer.

One week later he passed away! Bang, all over in the blink of an eye!!!!!

Glenn has been laid to rest, his wife and gorgeous kids have to come to terms with their loss, and I am angry at myself for wasting so many precious moments focusing on trivial annoyances, when before we know it, we might no longer be around so that crap means nothing.

Enjoy every moment, give your loved ones a kiss, a hug or a phone call!

Give thanks for everything that you do have!

If your school organises a High School Reunion, like we are having this year in September, go and have a ball, celebrate everything you have been through and acheived! You are luck that you can go, unlike Glenn who won’t be joining our party, but he will be remembered and is now another angel in heaven looking over all of us!


Author Blog Challenge – Day 17 – Calling All Parents!!

Describe the market for your book ‚Äď to the tiniest detail!¬†¬† Why that demographic?

This prompt is an easy one today, no deviation’s necessary!

Calling All¬†Parents – This One Is For You!……

For every wonderful parent out there who has been blessed with children, I wrote this book for you……as a mother of two gorgeous girls, I want them to have the most awesome, adventurous, and amazing life possible. With health, success and good fortune being their constant companions, with no limitations of what they can acheive if their heart desires it and not making the same mistakes I did,¬†I am a¬†Natural Therapist with my own clinic, I have pooled all my learning, life lessons and love into Kids R Klever – How to help your kids shine!¬†to help make your parenting jouney easier with better results.

Life constantly throws challenges at us, it is how react to those challenges that makes the difference. The supermarket is full of huge variety of foods, but it is the ones that go into our trolley’s that makes the difference. How did your parents raise you, do you want to pass all those beliefs onto your child?

Kids R Klever, covers Health and Wellbeing, Natural Support for ADD/ADHD/Aspergers, Goals, Building Self-Esteem, Teaching Valuable Life Skills, Fun Games with Positive Lessons, Bullying, Affirmations and so much more. It will become your best friend for to help you raise your children.

GIVEAWAY – This week, 5 lucky families will receive Kids R Klever – How to help your kids shine! for FREE!

For your chance to¬†win simply ‘Like’ my FACEBOOK page, share this post, and email me on nikki@wonderfullywomen.com (so I know where to send your ebook) and good luck!

On Sunday I will randomly select 5 winners and will email your the book…..I am so excited!

What is the biggest issue you face with your children at the moment?

Wonderful Books To Read And Authors To Discover!

Author Blog Challenge – Day 15 – A Slight Diversion!

Today’s prompt….Find someone you know, either online or in the real world, who is a true bibliophile and interview them about their reading habits. Ask questions such as:

  • How many books do they buy per month?
  • How many do they actually read?
  • What do they read?
  • Where do they buy their books?
  • Who is their favorite author (do not take offense if it is not you ‚Äď that‚Äôs not the point here).
  • What do they like about the author?
  • How often do they attend signings/readings? What do they enjoy about them?
  • If they could ask their favorite author any question, what would it be?
  • Which book has most recently surprised or delighted them?
  • Of everything they‚Äôve read so far this year, what would they most recommend?….left me stone cold and uninspired, so I decided to deviate, but not completely ignore the prompt. I didn’t pick ONE person and give them the 20 questions, I trawled social media, asked on Facebook etc. What was your favourite book/author…and I have compiled a list of fav reads out there in the big wide world.

Last weekend I was at a Scrapbooking Expo at the Brisbane Convention Centre and didn’t realise that the Lifeline Bookfest was also on.¬†We have been to the¬†Bookfest many times, usually in¬†January as I always forget they have one in June as well. I usually take the opportunity to stock up on super bargain priced reference books, and have found some doozies over the years that I still use to this day. I have never¬†ventured into the fiction section, as the absolute abundance of books just dazzles me and I don’t know where to start, so I just don’t. So next time I go, this list is coming with me and I wonder what gems I will uncover?


50 Shades Of Grey¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiels Series¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Paulina Simons Bronze Horseman Series

A¬†Dangerous Fortune¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Anne Rice¬† –¬† Sleeping Beauty Triology¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Wilbur Smith ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Kylie Chan – Dark Heaven

Mary Higgins Clark            Lynda LaPlante                    Nora Roberts                  Harlem Coben

Patricia Cornwell                    Faye Kellerman                    Harry Potter Collection                 Ask And It Is Given

Twilight                     Bryce Courtney                    Jude Deveraux                         Dangerous Liasons    

Virginia Woolf                  The Hunger Games

Well, there is quite a few in that list that I have never read before, so will be adding them to my list, what about you?

Author Blog Challenge – Day 14 – I Feel Like Celebrating!

What has been the biggest surprise about writing/publishing your book?

 What has been the most enjoyable or most memorable aspect?

Woo Hoo, it’s Friday, that is worth celebrating!

Woo Hoo, it’s¬†Day 14 of the Challenge and¬†I am still in¬†it, that is definately worth celebrating!

I still can’t believe I actually finished my book,¬†with all the doubts, with the little technical hitches, with the impatience, and time constraints,¬†it is done, and that is worth popping open¬†a bottle of bubbles and pouring a glass or two.

To all of you who have finished your book/s, completed 14 days of this Challenge or who are working your way through your masterpiece, we all deserve to celebrate, we have taken action in the direction we want to go! A book or a blog that is just an idea swimming in your head, will never be read by anyone, or make a difference in someones life until it actually exisits!

What are you celebrating today?

Author Blog Challenge – Day 13 – Keep On Keeping On!

What has been the most challenging part of your book process: writing, building the book, printing, distributing, marketing, etc.? 

Writing a book, provides lot’s of challenges, but¬†everytime you overcome one of them you, it’s happy dance time!

My biggest challenge was definately the actual creation of all those pages of information in a format that others would understand and learn from. I had so many notes, pieces of paper scribbled in the most unlikely places, but if I did not scribble the minute I thought of an additional inclusion, the idea would just disappear into idea oblivion and I would try and rack my brain to bring it back.

It is so easy to make excuses for¬†NOT sitting down and continue¬†to write, I honestly think I sometimes made up excuses just for the sake of it, if I had a week, were not much progress was made. I did not set myself a time limit, it was always just a work in progress and the only one I had to validate any delay’s, was to myself.

Sometimes I would get so angry that I had been slack, but in that frame of mind, if I did force myself to sit and write a little more, it was usually poor quality and the delete button on my laptop worked overtime.

Fortunately, I did have days, were the words just flowed and flowed and I cashed in on those days big time!

As I¬†write this, I am shaking my head, saying OK, tomorrow you¬†ARE going to sit down and put time frames on the¬†next books on the production line and¬†hold myself accountable, better get¬†Miss WW’s in on this to spur me along.

Kids R Klever РHow To Help Your Kids Shine!  was a mammoth task for a first effort, but I did it, and I honestly believe  the next books will be much easier, as I know how this all works for me.

Distribution is not an issue as I have chosen to have this book only available in download format, no hard copies required. My next two are shorter and will be in the same format. The third on the line is a different kettle of fish and I am going to jump in the deep end and put it to paper print……OMG!…….more to learn.

If you are in ‘love’ with your publisher, a little name dropping in the comments box would be greatly appreciated!

Author Blog Challenge – Day 12 – Cover Creation

Describe your process for choosing and designing your book cover. Who created your cover? How did you find him/her? What do you love about your cover? What might you do differently next time?

When it was book cover time, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted. My only directive that I gave my designer was that it must have stars on it. Simple really, open slather, every designers dream?

My designer is my very tech savvy daughter, nice to keep these things in the family! When it comes to anything requiring any graphical ‘stuff’, she always come to my rescue. Thankfully kids are taught so much computer skills at school these days, that it is just second nature to them.

I think she did an amazing job, and¬†I am very happy with the end result. For¬†my next book I am actually going to have a go at doing this myself.¬†I have had a few ‘lessons’ from my daughter¬†and I have¬†a few idea’s, so it will be very interesting to see what¬†I manage to create, but that’s what this is all about, creating,¬†and that is what¬†I love doing….

Author Blog Challenge – Day 3 – Inspiration And Awe!


Our prompts for the day, made this post an easy one! I have a few absolute favourites that spring to mind instantly and I am happy to share!

Who are the writers you most admire?

As a child the only books I truly remember being in love with were the FarAway Tree collection by Enid Blyton. I loved reading when I was young and read a lot, but these kept me captivated and I read them over and over again. An absolute must read for any child today!

I am one of the millions of Harry Potter fans from around the world, who enjoyed every book that JK Rowling created, and watched every movie on release date, pure magic! Every page kept me waiting for the next, and at the end of each book, I could not wait for the release of the next addition!

I don’t often read novels, I tend to prefer non-fiction most of the time, but fortunately my mum managed to convince me to read the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. The Girl With¬†The Dragon Tattoo had me hooked from the beginning and each book just got better and better. Still behind in watching the movies, but the Swedish version was on SBS a little while back and did enjoy watching that.


The one author that inspired, motivated, gave me the courage and made me take the first step and pick up¬†a pen and write my first book was Sandy Forster from Wildly Wealthy. A fellow Aussie who only lives and hour and half from me in beautiful Queensland, whose ‘story’ mirrored mine so much, has created a multi-million dollar business from scratch on the back of one book……How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast!

This book is a fantastic blend of practical and metaphysical steps that help you change the way you think, feel and deal with dollars and is a must read for anyone. If Sandy can do it, so can I, and so can YOU!

Until tomorrow…….

Author Blog Challenge – Day 2 – Started From Scratch With Zero Skills

It’s Day 2 of the Author Blog Challenge, and I am feeling a little under qualified to be sharing my efforts with such experienced professionals…..but what the heck, you have to start somewhere, and I am proud of my achievments so far!!

Our guideline for todays post was:-

What kinds of classes, programs, or workshops have you taken to hone your skill as a writer?

 What sorts of exercises did/do you use to improve your craft?

Have you ever taught a writing class or workshop?

Well¬†I score a big fat ZERO for all of the above!! AND¬†I would like to add a few more that are not on my resume…

Website Design

Code Writer/Programmer

English Major

Literary Degree 

BUT I have managed to register a domain name, set up a Dream¬†Host account, create¬†this blog, write¬†a book, get¬†it loaded on¬†Kindle and have it available for sale as a download on the ‘Better You Ebook’ ¬†page with the help of E-Junkie ¬†¬†and¬†have managed all of this with no outside help, no technical savvy knowledge or having a nervous breakdown!

Anyone can do exactly what I have done thanks to the wonderful world of modern technology and being able to follow simple instructions to the letter, something I am very good at.

I am enjoying reading others blogs/journeys and wonder what other amazing things I am going to learn from some of the fab authors who are participating in this challenge.

Until tomorrow……..have a great day! I am!!!!!!

Author Blog Challenge – How I Started Writing…



I love to talk! Usually I have a lot to say to anyone that will listen, very rarely being stuck for words. I am one of those types that will talk to people when standing in a queue or hanging around waiting for my coffee to be made. Being married for 23 years, I was used to having someone to talk to everyday, but then the talking became arguing everyday, and before I new it, my marriage was over, my husband gone and I was talking to myself.

Very blessed to have a supportive family and friends to help me get through this very tough time, and two gorgeous daughters that were my rocks, I felt lost without the connection of having someone there every day to share the happenings of the world with.

I also love to learn. Very rarely will you see me chilling with a novel in hand. When I do read, which is often, I prefer to read something that will teach me a new skill, show me how to do something better, or provide another tool that will help me change, grow and move forward. I am a self help junkie, and love the warm feeling I get when I read something empowering that reminds me of how awesome we all are.

So, while living in the dooms and glooms of single motherhood (well, that’s how it felt for the first few months as mega adjustments took place), I wanted something positive I could focus on and Wonderfully Women was born from that. Why not share some of the wonderful things I have learned and hopefully make someone else’s day better. It was also¬†a way I could ‘talk’ and communicate with the world, even when I was feeling down and an actual real life conversation was not appealing.

My first book Kids R Klever РHow To Help Your Kids Shine was born from my desire to see my children live the best lives they possibly can, without limitations that we can place on them, to not make some of the silly mistakes that I have made, to have great health, good social skills, be well adjusted and to simply shine! Why should my girls be the only ones to benefit, why not share all this information with other parents, who no doubt want the same for their children?

Three more books are all under construction at WWHQ at the moment, and a list of additional titles are awaiting for research, love and creation in the years to come.

Writing has brought me much joy and satisfaction…….something I would never have dreamt I would even attempt a couple of years ago!