I Will See You In An Hour Or Three, I Am Logging On To Pinterest!

I am totally in love with the visionary splendor that is Pinterest!

It is no surprise that Pinterest is growing rapidly as a successful medium for promoting products. I love images, they tell stories without hours of reading and Pinterest provides an absolute smorgesboard of inspiration, admiration and enjoyment. There is simply no better way to discover the wonderful creativity of others than scrolling through the pages of Pinterest.

My biggest issue with Pinterest, is that when I do log on, I find it incredibly hard to log off, and an hour or two or three later I am still pinning away merrily. I truly have to to limit how often I do visit as nothing else would ever get done.

I have lot’s of boards and collect food, fashion, chocolate, cocktails, craft, home, storage, health, beauty, travel, inspirational messages and even cute animal snaps get repinned by me.

baby panda

…see what I mean, just can’t resist…

Many a blog post idea has been born from a Pinterest picture. Many a birthday party idea has actually been re-created from an idea on Pinterest. Many a dinner recipe has been served at my table after I found it on Pinterest.

As much as I love spending time there, I have really not been very imaginative about using Pinterest as a tool to promote my blog, my book or anything else. I have posted a few pictures from blog posts that are my original images, and I have got a board called wonderfully women.com for the images, but they are few and far between.

A light has turned on though in the deep dark of my brain, that it is time to get creative, and use this virtual photo album to help direct more targeted traffic in my direction. I feel a strategic planning session in the making. ย Just like writers block that tends to strike on occassion, at this moment I am definately have an image block, but I will mull over it for the next few days and just see what wonderful ideas will present themselves.

I am so looking forward to reading all the posts of others taking part in the Author Blog Challenge to see if there is other addicts out there, and if they have successfully been using Pinterest as a business tool!

You can find me adding more boards at www.pinterest.com/nixxmorgan ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “I Will See You In An Hour Or Three, I Am Logging On To Pinterest!

  1. I’ve seen a number of posts on this topic where folks are admitting to being Pinterest addicts ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe Seems to be a marketing tool behind a door we could all use the key to. WRITE ON!

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