School Formals…..Past and Present


This week I had a BIG blast from the past thanks to Nikki from Styling You who shared pic’s from her son’s Year 12 formal and a pic from her formal adorned in taffeta……so the search began for my Year 12 formal photo, as I too wore a taffeta dress, all the rage in the 80’s.

Guess what… took a bit of searching….but I found it and just have to share……

Class of 82, Mitchelton State High School Brisbane 

There are plans underway for a 30 year reunion later this year, can’t believe it was that long ago that I finished school..

In our house my eldest Miss WW, is in year 11 this year, and two weeks ago they had a semi-formal, and it ws so lovely to see them all get dressed up and enjoy going out to a special venue tht did such wonderful job. As Miss WW attends a school for clever nerds kids, they spend so much time studying and so little time ‘playing’ it was such a joy too see her get excited about normal 16 year old stuff!

She did look absolutely gorgeous in a red satin dress that she bought for $12.00! One of those very lucky clearance rack finds that was not bought for her semi, but had been hanging unworn in her wardrobe, and was such a perfect fit and style, that she couldn’t find anything else in the shops that she liked better……

Miss WW about to be chauffeur driven in the Bently!

No doubt we won’t find another $12.00 bargain for next year’s Year 12 formal, were a long gown of gorgeousness will be required. Better start saving now………….

Bargain or Blowout outfit stories please!!!!!!!!

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