10 Wonderful Ways To Love Your Day!

Everyday is a blessing, amazing how often we forget that!

Everyday that we wake up breathing, is another day that we can live in fear or live in joy – we get to choose! What do you choose for today? The following 10 Wonderful Ways to Love Your Day will help you focus on the good stuff and get some fun into your day!


Get a smile on your dial – Smiling makes you feel better! Sharing a smile, not  frown with those around you is a gift you can give everyone and it’s free. If you want help, ask with a smile on your face. If someone needs help, do it with a smile on your face.  Brighten any day by finding something, no matter how small to SMILE about.


Everyone has the right to live their own lives, and it is not our right to judge their choices. When you stop focusing on how things ‘should’ be, and just accept what they ‘are’, it brings great freedom and stops your mind expending so much negative energy on how to fix the problems of the world. The same applies to your judgement of YOU! Are you always beating yourself up for eating the wrong food, drinking too much, buying things you don’t need, whatever? We are own worst critics, and everytime we feel guilty for our choices we are attracting more things we don’t like into our circumstances. Forget what you did yesterday, and everyday before that….it’s tomorrow that counts!


Spending time with people you love and who lift you up brings great joy! Friends who spend every minute with you complaining and whinging are damaging to you and your energy. Don’t be a mater and feel you HAVE to listen to their woes. Dramatically limit your precious time with them or eliminate them completely, harsh it may seem but a very valuable move for your happiness. The positive energy created when people are together having fun, benefits the whole planet, not just those enjoying the moment.


We spend so much of our day at work or running a household, that if we don’t do what we love, so much of day is spent unhappy or stressed to the max. With bills to pay or washing to be done, we can’t walk away from our responsibilities, but it does not have to stay that way forever…… Spending your days doing what you love does not have to be an impossible dream, it just takes a little focus and planning. Your passion can pay, and allow you to spend your days doing what you love. Get clear about what your passion is and then spend every free moment working towards that goal. If you need to learn new skills to land that dream job – start investigating and start learning. If you would love to turn a hobby into a viable enterprise – start investigating, start making, start selling. If you want write – start investigating, start writing an ebook you can share. JUST START! Let the universe know what you want by investigating the possibilities, the options, the choices, knowing you are taking a step toward acheiving your dream and watch the magic happen. Don’t stress to much on the ‘how’, that creates resistance, focus on each little step forward that you can take right now and rejoice in all you acheive long the way. What can you do today to get started?


Jealousy is the quickest way to slam the door on ever receiving what you want! Everytime you allow feelings of ‘they have something I want, but don’t have, simply keeps it as a don’t have and that sucks. It is good to desire more, life would be pretty boring if we had nothing to strive for. The next time you feel the green-eyed monster lurking around in your head and heart, send it packing by changing the focus on the trigger and how you react to it. A much more powerful response would be ‘How wonderful is that, I can have that too, thank you’! Feel the difference? You are sending a positive vibe, not a negative one,  yay!


Thank you is a very powerful magnet. Love and appreciate everything in your life RIGHT NOW and watch so much more good stuff flow into your life. Even the tough stuff, that is so damn hard to be thankful for, can be a powerful lesson that reaps future rewards. If you feel that everything in your life stinks, that is how it will stay, there is no magic pill that will make it go away, just your choice to see things in a different light, give thanks for EVERYTHING and more awesomeness will head to your front door. If you have a bed to sleep in tonight, you are better off than millions of others. If you will eat dinner tonight, you are better off than millions of others. If you have the internet so you can read this, you are way beyond millions of others, get the picture…….


When life seems tough, it is soooooo much easier to blame others for what you are experiencing, then it’s not your fault and you feel better. Face up to what has been making you mad and can you honestly let everyone else take the fall? We all make mistakes, even though those choices seemed like the right thing to do at the time. What is, simply is, it’s happened, it’s done, stop blaming yourself and others and shift your attention to how you can make it right or at least improve it. Only you have the power to choose how YOU react to situations, and whether you stay down in the dumps, or pick yourself up is totally up to you. Wallowing in self pity helps no-one, don’t be a victim be victorious.


One sure fire way to feel good, is to let music weave it’s magic. Fill your home, car and ipod, with music you love and you just can’t help feel better. Be careful not to use songs that have words that trigger unhappy memories, I had a few of those on my ipod, I loved the music but the words would somtimes remind me of things I no longer wanted to focus on. Have a dance and get the blood pumping, imagine yourself where you would love to be or what you would love to be doing, it creates fabulous positive energy.


Just move, and get those ‘feel good’ hormones flowing. Go for a walk, clean the house, hit the gym, go dancing, whatever it is just move. Moving clears stagnant energy that accumulates in the body, and gets you breathing in the fresh stuff. Spending time in nature has a similar effect. Go for a hike, pack a picnic and soak up the sun. A swim in the ocean will refresh and revive, throw in a stroll on the sand for added benefit. We were born to take action not vegetate, so up you get and go for it.


Love is uplifting, share it around. Give someone a hug, send a friend a nice text, phone a family member and wish them a happy day, volunteer some time at a local charity, cook a treat for someone, smile, buy a coffee for the next person in the ordering line, smile, help weed someone else’s garden, smile. Remind your kids how much you love them. Remind yourself how wonderful you are, and treat yourself to a massage, a bunch of flowers or a nice glass of wine, it is wine-o-clock somewhere in the world right now! Remind your partner who important they are to you. Just don’t keep it all to yourself, love everything and everyone!


What did you love about your day today?

6 thoughts on “10 Wonderful Ways To Love Your Day!

    1. Hi Natalie,
      So true, so simple, but also so easy forget, especially judgement, often catch myself doing to ME!

  1. Beautiful post Nikki. Can I add Be Present? Working at home with my computer near, it is so easy to disregard my childrens ‘petty’ requests, when it’s a much happier time if I am present with them, that is……move out of the office, go into the family room and BE with them! I have to consciously remind myself to do so. Great list. Thankyou. xx

    1. Hi Krishna, many thanks, and BEing is a definate. So easy to distracted by all things we ‘have’ to do instead of being completely enjoying time with the kids.

    1. Hi Jenni, coffee is definately worth adding to the list, and nice glass of Sav Blanc is another!

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