Saying Goodbye To 2014!

 The last day of the year has arrived again!

As we all say ‘where has the year gone’?

Yes, it is just another day, but it the last day of a year full of memories, some good and some bad.

letting go of the years painful memories

I was having a pretty good year until the last quarter arrived.

Some horrible sh*t came my way and I allowed myself to spend hours and days wallowing in the anger and sadness.

No one to blame but myself for letting my brain go over and over the things I did not like.

No matter what others have done to you, only you get to choose how you process the events and whether you let them consume your thoughts.

Every minute you spend in that state, is a minute wasted on feeling good and doing something positive and fun.

The last day of the year is the perfect time to express all the anger and the joy you have experienced and release it.

Don’t take all the old crap with you into a fresh New Year.

This ritual will allow you to ‘voice’ all that has happened and then send it packing.

Saying Goodbye to 2014!

All you need is two large sheets of paper, a pen and a flame.

On the first sheet of paper start writing down everything that annoyed you, hurt you or totally frustrated you. Write it down as if you were describing it to a close friend, and don’t leave anything out.

On the second piece of paper write down all your dreams for 2015. Be as detailed as you can possibly be.

(Writing things down is often a good form of therapy at the best of times, and you can use this process at any time during the year when you want to let the universe take over and let something go)

When you have finished writing take both sheets outside. Using a candle or match, light the first sheet and let it burn. Thank the universe for taking over your problems and letting you release the anguish.

Then light the second one and thank the universe for delivering all of your wishes in an easy manner.

(Make sure you do this safely, by throwing the last burning remnant in to an open fire, barbeque or a bucket of water if necessary).


Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, light a big candle and voice your woes and wishes straight in to the naked flame.

Your choice, your way, just do it!

Wishing you all a fabulous night and a wonderful year ahead, see you on the other side!

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