One Word, One Lesson, One Goal for 2015!

The art of ‘allowing‘ invites in ease, flow, grace and calm.

Allowing things to come into your life without stress.

Allowing things to unfold just as they should.

Allowing perfect solutions to present themselves.

Allow is my word for 2015

I don’t do allow!

It goes against my natural nature.

I plot, plan, scheme, and push, the joys of being very left-brained.

I focus on how.

I focus on when.

I focus on what.

It is like slamming the brakes on hard when you want to move forward.

So my world for 2015 is ALLOW.

It is a lesson I need to learn.

A practice I want to master.

My word for this year will be hard work and require constant attention of my thoughts and actions.

I had one very stressful event late last year, I had to find a new home, fast!

Panic reigned supreme there for a while.

With every fibre in my being I made myself breathe, calm down and focus on one phrase over and over again.

Some how, some way it will all be OK

Everything did turn out OK, better than OK, I found a perfect home, in a great location, within the time frame required.

I want more of that!

Everything working out OK without me having to have a stress attack over for things I want to change, have or do.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

I am worth it.

I am a work in progress.

Here’s cheers to the wonderful New Year awaiting us.

Nothing changes unless we do, so I am on that, this is the year for more magic, more fun and more success!

Have a great one!

How good are you at allowing?

Thanks Maxabella Loves for bring all our ‘words’ together!

29 thoughts on “One Word, One Lesson, One Goal for 2015!

  1. Having faith that things will work out just as they are supposed to, is such a great attitude to have, especially when the going gets tough! Best wishes for your intention and year ahead.

  2. Aggghhh the stress of finding a new home with time limitations, somehow things always seem to work out. Good luck with ‘allowing’ some things to just happen. Love reading these ‘words’ for the year ahead. Beth.

  3. Love ‘allow’

    I need to do a whole lot more of that too. Oh yes. Allowing some things in. Allowing some things out. Just allowing it all to happen.


    *popped over from Maxabella Loves One Word Link-Up

  4. Praise the Lord for that break through with your home! I can only imagine how stressful that must have been, BUT look at what it has brought you. I am extremely right brained. I still struggle with what you are talking about though.

  5. A great word. One I find tricky myself, letting go of control to just allow things to happen can be scary, but it can also take you to great places. A powerful word that will hopefully take you to amazing places in 2015.

  6. Allow is SUCH a powerful word! And I am not so good at it either, but when I do make the space for it magic happens! All the best for 2015.

  7. Interesting my sista! I think it will open you up to the goodness of the Lord in ways you can not imagine. Like when you are allowed to help that stranger – think of how lovely that is. Your Beloved wants to be allowed to love you! Can’t wait to hear all the good things that happen! Press on! Mine is Fear Not, so not sure I am ready for allow. 🙂

  8. You are a brave woman! I would have to agree that this would also be a hard one for me. I am not patient. Allowing things to unfold as they will is a very hard concept for me as well. I wish you good luck on your journey and hope that your year is EXCEPTIONAL!

  9. allowing used to be a tough one for me but I’m getting better at it with practice. I’m sure like me you’ll get better and better at it the more you do it!

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