Keepsake Puffy Pillow Gift Tags

If you love creating things with fabric and beads, then these gorgeous little keepsake puffy pillow gift tags are easy to make and add a lovely touch to any present that you give.

Every crafter always seems to have left-overs from their projects, and if you are like me I hate throwing things out, ’cause I just might need it some day.

For a while I was in to patchwork quilting. I made two and vowed I would never make another one as they really are a labour of love and very time consuming.

Needless to say, lots of fabric off cuts were gathering up and even some larger pieces that never made it into a quilt have joined the collection. Some I gave away, but I just could not part with the rest, so I decided to make something worthwhile with it.

These cute little gift tags are easy to make, and there are no rules. Use what you have and just let your imagination help out.

Keepsake puffy pillow gift tags

SUPPLIES (for one pillow)

– 2 squares of fabric, cut into 8cm x 8cm pieces (can be different colours for front and back if you prefer)

– beads or buttons to decorate with

– small amount of polyfill

– 2 pieces of ribbon 15cm long

– needle and thread


– sew beads and buttons on to one of the pieces of fabric before you construct them, so that they can be securely tied off

– place the two ‘right’ sides of fabric together

– place the two pieces of ribbon on the inside of the two halves, the ends of the ribbon will hang out below

– sew a 1/2 cm border around the square, leaving one side 3/4’s unsewn (this is the side where the excess ribbon is hanging down – if you leave one whole side unsewn it can be a little harder to create nice neat corners

– turn the pillow inside out and use a knitting needle or the end of a teaspoon to push out the corners and make them nice and square

– fill the pillow with polyfill, pushing it in to the corners with the knitting needle or teaspoon

– fold the raw edges into the pillow and hand stitch the opening closed.

gold bead puffy pillow gift tag

With this one, I just put a gold seed bead into the centre of the circles printed on the fabric.

pink puffy pillow gift tag

Seed beads were sewn along the ‘edge’ of the flower.

heart puffy pillow gift tag

If in doubt, add a heart.

You can also use these cute little pillows to make scented sachets for your wardrobe or drawers. When adding the polyfill, in the centre place a cotton wool ball that has had a few drops of essential oil added to it. Give them to family or friends in a set of three sealed in a cellophane bag.

What do you do with all your left over craft supplies.

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3 thoughts on “Keepsake Puffy Pillow Gift Tags

  1. Not much crafting goes on at this house to have left over supplies, but I have received these gorgeous pillows as gifts before and I do love them, especially the nice smelling ones xx Josefa #teamIBOT

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