Cable Internet, my new best friend!

If there is such a thing as Internet heaven, I have found it!

For the first time EVER, I actually listened to a telemarketer and I am so glad I did.

In all honesty, my phone number should have a big red X next to it, for the amount of times I have slammed the phone down or told all the ‘technical department of Telstra or Microsoft’ callers to F**k off. I have zero patience for these callers as they are blatant thieves who simply prey on people and con them out of their cash. A very good friend of mine who was not savvy about these things learned the hard way, at the cost of their computer being totally screwed because they would not pay the fees demanded by these buggers.

I do put on my polite ‘voice’ when it is an Aussie on the other end of the line because at least they are just doing a job and not trying to scam you, but I still don’t listen to their spiel.

Sorry, got a bit side tracked there!

Our ADSL internet has been a pain in the proverbial ever since we moved into this house. Sometimes it would work perfectly for a few weeks and then you would have days and more than a few days where you spent more time walking to the router to reboot it than you actually got access to the internet.

Like most households in this country we just can’t live without it. This year it has been even more vital than ever before as my eldest is in her first year of Uni and has assessment pieces that must be lodged within certain time frames. Should one of those timelines approach and we don’t have internet access, a nervous breakdown just about occurs.

We have had a landline home phone with Telstra for as long as I can remember, teen daughters and mobile phone calls to friends don’t mix, as these calls can go on for hours, so a landline is a life saver.

Every few months I get the standard call from Telstra to make sure all is OK and of course they try and upsell me to all sorts of goodness. Normally I just politely tell them no thank you and that is that.

A few weeks ago, the lucky Telstra rep managed to say just enough in a very short space of time that I actually let him finish.

He promised me internet magic, in the form of cable. Super fast, super reliable, big download capacity, free local and interstate calls and line rental for virtually what I was paying for my standard landline and ADSL through another company. Alarm bells rang in my head, this can’t be real, BUT I decided to check with my super knowledgeable, computer, internet savvy brother and get his take on all of this.

Cable Internet Router

Please meet my new BFF Cynthia, the cable internet router!

For just over two weeks now, this gal has made our lives so much easier.

The people who used to live in this house had Foxtel, so the cable was already in place. I literally just had to screw the cable from the router into the Foxtel port in the wall and BAM, super fast internet was go.

A 2-3 hour iPhone update, now takes 5 minutes!

Not once has it stopped working, not once has it been slow, not once have I had to reboot the router. We could never use our phones or ipad on our previous Wi-Fi service, but now everything is running on it with ease.

So damn happy!

This is not a sponsored post for Telstra, I am just so glad I actually listened to that sales rep.

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One thought on “Cable Internet, my new best friend!

  1. I find it’s a relief when I finally find a solution to problem… especially when it comes to technical stuff like the internet. Last weekend I lost the net from Friday and it didn’t come back on until Monday. I kept ringing Telstra to make sure that the fault wasn’t on my property and that it was because they were servicing our area. They kept reassuring me it would come on every 24 hours! Glad to see that you have a solution to your internet problem. 🙂

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