An easy way to avoid big bill pain!

Do you have one of those horrible big bill months?

Most families have one or more months a year where a host of bills are all due at the same time.

Panic can set in when you see the mailman arrive.

In a perfect world, we would have more than enough money to pay every bill that comes in without batting an eye lid. BUT reality is that many people do not have this luxury or do enough forward planning so that when the bills arrive there is enough money in the bank account to cover the accounts with ease.

Ideally everyone would sit down once a year, work out the total cost of all their main bills, organise a budget that would see enough money each week being transferred into an account ready for bill paying. There would be no temptations to spend this money on those designer shoes that have been reduced, or blow it on a luxury weekend away……only the truly dedicated have this sort of planning in perfect action.

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There is an easy way to take care of the majority of your bills that has worked well for me over the last three years since I became a single mum and had to get things under control in a way that suited me and it can work for anyone.


All of my insurances, telephone, internet, electricity etc. is deducted from my account each month. 12 small slices instead of one big slab each year. I do pay a small premium on some of the bills to use this service, but it gives me piece of mind and I never have to worry about forgetting to pay an account or stressing about having enough at any one time.

You will be amazed at the number of institutions that offer this service, you just have to ask.

The only large account that does not have this option is car registration, and it would be fabulous if they did, I am sure there would be less unregistered cars on the road if people were able to use this option.

Stressing about cash flow is such a negative energy and you will continue to attract more stress about money if you don’t take action and release the panic. Take control of your accounts and life is certainly much easier.

A fabulous affirmation that you can use regularly to keep you in a positive mindset over your bills is –

‘I always pay my bills on time, thank you’

How do you deal with your bills?

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