Planning For The Perfect Christmas – 14 Weeks To Go!

Sharing your year with those you love!

With only 14 weeks to go, many of you have probably started organising where you are going to be sharing Christmas and with whom.

So many of us have friends and family all over the world, that it is impossible to see EVERYONE, and sending a Christmas card to them will be one way to you can the spirit of the season.

This year, why not share your year with those you care about, by composing a simple letter that you can send in a card or attach to an email.

You might have had a year full of exciting events and successes, it might have been a tough year, have you been on an exciting trip, have you changed jobs, are their new additions to our family, did you move house, did you take up a new hobby, read an amazing book, learn to cook a new food, lost a lot of weight? Simply share your year with those that care.

Create a word document and start listing things you would like to share. Even if they are just in dot point now, you can turn these into a letter later on. If you sit down in hurry to try and do this you might find it hard to recall all the things worth sharing.

Upload photo’s onto your computer and then include them in the letter, it can be easier to show and tell, rather than describe with words!

What are you going to share this year??

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