How To Get A Buff Ballerina Body At Home!

No one can deny that ballerina’s have the most amazing bodies – lean, strong and very buff!

Beautiful Kirsty Martin from the Australian Ballet

Like many young girls, I did a few years of ballet, and absolutely loved it. It was fun and really great exercise, but living overseas (Fiji), saw the end of that era for me as their were no classes for me to attend.

I still remember a lot of the work we did, and sometimes at home I do a few of them as they are really good for your flexibility.

Yesterday I was sitting down having a nice little break, reading Australian Natural Health magazine, and I got very excited when I found an article called ‘Barre Body’ – dance classes for grown up girls, that combine ballet and yoga.

Then I got very unexcited when I realised they were only available in Melbourne!

BUT, I had to go and have a look at their webpage and I am so glad I did, because they have some online video tutorials, so that you can do this in the comfort of your own home, whenever it suits you, and it does not matter if you don’t have the bod of a ballerina, no-one is going to see 🙂

Grab a chair, (I used the end of my bed because it is quite high and nice and solid)  –  spend 10 minutes following the video which you can get from Barre Body and have a go!

That was the most intense work out I have done in a long time, my legs felt like jelly at the end, and the next morning I was greeted with a few sore muscles that I didn’t even realise were part of my anatomy! I will definately be adding this regularly to my exercise routine and you should too, it is fantastic.

Hopefully Barre Body will open up in Brisbane one day, I will definately go to those classes if they do!

Did you used to do ballet or do you still??


5 thoughts on “How To Get A Buff Ballerina Body At Home!

  1. Wow! I’ve never in my life done ballet but in the name of trying something new I will check it out. Thx for a healthy positive suggestion that may even improve my posture!

  2. Ballerinas have amazing strength, don’t they? Glad to hear you found something that works for you, even if it is at this stage, on-line. Hope they open up a studio near you soon.

    1. Hi Madonna,
      That’s what I like too, it’s only 10 intense minutes, we can all find time for that, and it targets our butt and ab’s, two parts most of us are not to happy with 🙂

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