Planning For The Perfect Christmas – 12 Weeks To Go!

Decorations, Dining Tables and Displays – Picking A Theme!

I am a bit of a stickler for tradition and in many Christmas’s past, I have decorated my home using the traditional colours of Red, Green and Gold.

This gorgeous ‘JOY’ cut out is available from MYER

 As the years go by and some of my deco’s are looking a little worse for wear, instead of just buying new ones along the same theme, I stepped out of my usual comfort zone, picked a new theme, bought some jazzy new items and filled the house with Blue and Silver. It definately created a cool and refreshing feeling to the house, and as Queensland has HOT Christmas’s, it was a lovely change.

This was our first Christmas in our new home, and as I am very focused on Feng Shui and the energy flow in our home, it was important to get all the support I could to make sure that Christmas was fun and enjoyable, and not create negative energy by using the wrong colours. You can find out what is best for your house by reading my post Feng Shui for Christmas.

As our Christmas tree had the perfect spot waiting for it in our lounge room, being in the South East of the home (the wealth area) it was important to not have lots of Red as this is damaging to the good energy you want to protect. Blue was the obvious choice, and one that I would not normally have ever considered.

I already had blue table cloths and runners, so I just did a quick dash to Kmart and bought some new baubles for only a few dollars, at least if I didn’t like the new look, it didn’t cost me much and I could throw them out. I used smaller baubles in hurricane lamps with candles, strung some on fishing line and hung them on my curtain rods and added some pale blue candles. It was quick and easy and really looked fantastic!

What theme will you pick this year, and are you going to make a change?

4 thoughts on “Planning For The Perfect Christmas – 12 Weeks To Go!

    1. Grab some goodies when the stores clear out everything at least 50% off and pop them away for next year 🙂

  1. Very often, people have big problems due to the fact that they are physically unable to manage to afford to allow time for such an important event as preparation for this holiday. Good thing you are.

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