Planning For The Perfect Christmas – 11 Weeks To Go!

I love crafting, I find it theraputic and relaxing, even though my talent as an artist leaves a lot to be desired!

Going to craft fairs gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside, I just love it, even though I do tend to buy lot’ of supplies for tons of projects that can take years to get underway!

Home made Christmas gifts are warmly welcomed, and this year you can surprise your family and friends, with amazing works of art for their walls, even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body. If you can rip and glue, you are in business!

No painting or drawing required, you just cut/tear up serviettes and glue them into place…yay!

When I visited the craft Expo last year in Brisbane I fell in love with NAPKIN ART, a stunningly simple glue/sealer product that lets you turn simple paper napkins into works of art.

I have made quite a few using blank canvas frames that you can pick up at Spotlight or any discount store. Go to your local shopping centre and in the gift shop, cheap shop, department stores and even the supermarket, you will find a huge array of paper napkins, so you are bound to find some you like and that will match your gift recipients perfectly.

This product does not only work on canvas, but you can cover diaries, add to wooden trays, canvas shopping bags, cushion covers, just about anything.

I would strongly suggest you grab the book available on the site – “Napkin Art” by Susan Filer, as it gives great directions and shows you 20 project ideas that you can start to work on straight away!

I added a little red diamente heart to this one for fun!

Let your imagination run wild and surprise your friends with these amazing gifts this year, that you made!

Do you like making Christmas gifts, and what is your favourite?

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