Planning For The Perfect Christmas – 10 Weeks To Go

Stocking The Bar!

Christmas is a time to catch up with family and friends, to celebrate the year gone by and enjoy special times together.

More often than not, a drink or 10 will go down as part of the festivities.

Start stocking the bar now for fun festivities 🙂

If you add a bottle or two each week, by the time Christmas arrives you can have a nice collection to share!

Not sure what to stock your bar with?

Here is a few simple suggestions:-

Champagne:-  A glass of bubbles is always a lovely way to start any celebration. It does not have to be Moet or Verv (even though I am VERY partial to those), keep your eye on the junk mail and when they are on special grab a bottle or two. Add a fresh stawberry to each glass for extra yum, or a sugar cube with a dash of Angustora Bitters in the glass before adding the champagne. When pouring champagne, always tilt the glass to the side and pour it gently on the side of the glass to reduce the loss of bubbles.

An easy but very class punch can be made by cleaning and halving a punnet of strawberries and tossing them in sugar, place in a punch bowl and refridgerate. Two hours before punch is required, add a bottle of crisp white wine and allow them to soak. When ready to serve, add the champage by pouring it in to the punch bowl over the back of a large spoon to stop all the bubbles

Vodka:- Is a very versitile spirit as it blends so well with fruit juices and together with lots of ice makes cooling and refreshing drinks perfect for our warm summers. Add a dash to Cranberry juice (looks very festive), Pink Grapefruit is one of my favourites or freeze tetra packs of Golden Circle Sunshine Punch (allow them to semi defrost in the fridge before serving) put in a large jug, add a cup of Vodka and you have a grown up slushy!

Beer & Wine:- Every week bottle shops have super specials on basic bar staples. Beer and Wine store well and don’t need to take up valuable fridge space until the day before needed. Every week when you do your groceries, go into the bottle shop, grab one of the bargains and hide it away safely at home.

Pick a Cocktail:- An online search will reveal a huge array of cocktails, but how about finding just one that you really like, get all the supplies you need and serve this at each get together you have. It is a lovely way to start a celebration and this a clever way to keep spirit buying to a minimum.

Bar Staples:- Don’t forget the staple necessities such as glasses, straws, and ice – add these to your master shopping list ready for the big day!

What is your favourite drink?

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