Making New Friends

After being one half of a couple for 25 years, we have wonderful friends, that we shared lot’s of fun times with, but things change when you are no longer that couple. I still see my friends regularly for coffee and the like, but as they are all still married, our usual social get-togethers no longer occur…… I have decided that it is time to make some new friends and expand my social circle…..but where to start???????????

There is no way in the world you will see me sitting on my lonesome in some bar at the pub, or flitting into a nightclub high heeled and short skirted on my own either, so where oh where do I start?

Well as luck should have it, the magical world of was delivered to me and a whole new world has opened up. No matter what you are in to there is a Meetup group for you! What started as a “I need to find more friends” idea has seen me sign up for all these amazing groups and my inbox is now flooded with invitations to all sorts of outings.

On Saturday I went to my very first “Coffee Lovers” group for a wonderful hour and a half of coffee sipping, coffee tasting and learning all sorts of interesting information about one of my very favourite beverages. 5 ticks from me, had a wonderful time and met some lovely people.

I am so looking forward to some more outings, just so hard to decide what to go to next when time permits……decisions, decisions??????????? can open a whole new world of fun and entertainment for you too…..just make sure you have an hour or ten to spare as you will find one group after another that could be fun!

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