How To Make Instant Coffee Taste As Good As Possible!

Offer me instant coffee and I would be more inclined to ask for tea instead!

I love my coffee and our coffee pod machine works overtime in this house. Instant coffee does not make it on to my shopping list.

Sometimes instant coffee is the only option, such as when you are visiting friends, are at the office or you might simply prefer the softer taste of instant coffee.

With these helpful hints you can make sure that your instant cuppa tastes it’s best.


Ahhhhhhh yum!

Clever coffee tips for your a quick cup!

– If you drink your coffee with milk, mix the coffee and milk in the cup or mug before you add the water. It gives your coffee a much creamier taste.

– Don’t add the water to your coffee as soon as it boils. Allow the water to sit for a minute before pouring. This avoids you scalding the coffee.

– Coffee goes stale after 4 weeks of opening. You will notice a big difference in the taste if the jar has been opened for a long time. If you only have instant coffee at home, buy the right sized jar that you will use up within a month.

– Don’t reheat your coffee if it goes cold. Toss it out and make a fresh one. Microwaving your coffee instantly gives it a stale taste.

– Instant coffee now comes in a large variety of strengths. If you like your cup to have a mild taste, buy a mild blend rather than using a smaller amount of a strong blend. That way you will still get the full flavour. Ideally you should use 1 heaped teaspoon for each 150ml of water.

– Experiment with some of the flavoured coffee’s that are now available, they can make for enjoyable sipping in an instant.

Enjoy your next instant coffee!

What is your favourite coffee hit?

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