How To Choose The Right Bedroom Colours For Better Sleep

Our bedrooms are our sanctuary for rest, relaxation and sleep!

Did you know that some colours can actually help or hinder your precious sleep time?

Recent research in the UK, studied 2000 bedrooms and their inhabitants to try and discover if certain colours were more condusive to sleep and relaxation.

The outright winner was BLUE. The colour blue and all it’s shades are calming, can lower blood pressure and the heart rate. People with blue bedrooms slept the most soundly and for the longest periods of time.


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This beautiful bedroom has an instant feeling of fresh and calm.

If blue is not for you, pale yellow, soft greens, silver and white are also suitable choices for good sleep.

The worst colour for promoting restful sleep is PURPLE, closely followed by brown, red, bright orange and hot pink. These colours are too stimulating and keep the brain active when you are trying to fall asleep.

Before you rush for the paint brush, you can start by changing your linen colours and accessories. Keep the bold and bright colours for area’s in your home that use when you want to activate creativity and mental awareness.

Better Bedroom Feng Shui for Health and Wellbeing.

Feng Shui is all about energy, and with these tips you can harness the power of Feng Shui to help you enjoy better sleep and be supported with healthy chi.

– Your bedroom is your private haven, keep it immaculately clean and clear of clutter.

– Keep your work out of this room; laptops and paperwork should be removed when going to sleep.

– Don’t keep piles of books on your bedside, just your current read.

– If you have overhead beams in your bedroom, paint them the same colour as the ceiling as they send ‘cutting’ energy your way whilst you sleep.

– TV’s should be covered with a cloth when you go to sleep.

– Have matching bedside tables and lamps, as this gives both people equal ‘power’.

– Never have the end of your bed, directly facing the door, this is considered the death position.

– If your bedhead is under/in front of a window, ensure you have heavy drapes or blinds that you draw each night.

– Make sure you open the window everyday and allow fresh air to circulate.

Wishing you sweet dreams!

What is the predominant colour in your bedroom?

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4 thoughts on “How To Choose The Right Bedroom Colours For Better Sleep

  1. Thanks for this.. as a sufferer of insomnia I struggle daily with sleep..great tips for sleeping soundly..My nutritionist also spoke about the importance of no light disturbance (mobile’s charging/clocks etc), I was also sleeping with my curtains open..big mistake apparently! x

  2. I love reading about Feng Shui. I think I have it all sorted and then something else comes along that I did not know. It is always nice to know that things can be done such as drawing blinds or covering TV’s.
    Maybe my next bedroom makeover will be utilising blue 🙂

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