The Health Issues That Follow Insect Infestations

The Health Issues that Follow Insect Infestations

Insect infestations can not only be annoying, they can present great health risks. Some of the most common insect infestations around households are mosquitos, rodents and cockroaches and these three main pests can leave serious health risks behind even after they are eliminated.


Love our resident fluff ball, but keeping the house flea free is hard work!

Germs and Bacteria

Naturally, lots of pests can carry around bacteria, either through their droppings, when their bodies are decomposing after death, or simply by contamination of surfaces they come in contact or food they have touched. These bacteria can be harmful, especially in children and can cause allergic reactions that bring on health problems like asthma or dermatitis, or more internal problems like gastroenteritis and salmonella. Obviously you want to avoid these occurrences as much as possible.


Rodents can enter a building through almost any opening or crack. It is important to inspect for rodent droppings, especially in undisturbed areas such as pantries, under baseboards and along walls. Rodent droppings most often cause allergic reactions in human beings but can also cause disease, including the potentially deadly Hantavirus. More frequently, though, rodents serve as vectors, carrying bacteria, such as salmonella, on their bodies and contaminating food sources, kitchen surfaces and equipment. A pest control professional can offer the expertise and knowledge of rodent biology to best protect your health and rid your home of a rodent infestation. Check out websites such as Trusted Pest Management.

Mosquito Bites

Mosquitos are always abundant in warmer climates, especially during summer and they also pose a major health threat. More and more diseases such as Dengue Fever and Malaria are transported via mosquitos, which makes avoiding mosquito nesting/breeding sites and eliminating standing water in or around the home even more important to the protection of public health. In addition, mosquitoes can also cause itchy, unsightly marks as well as severe allergic reactions in human beings.


Ticks are harmful to both humans and especially pets. In some cases, if not detected early enough, ticks can be fateful in domestic animals or can cause long term effects such as paralysis. It is therefore essential, especially during the warmer months, that you check children and pets regularly for any ticks, do everything necessary to avoid giving them a breeding ground by keeping things clean and dry and also act quickly if you suspect a child or animal has been bitten by a tick.

Flea Infestations

Fleas aren’t just a problem for dogs. These pests, which commonly appear in warmer months, feed on the blood of humans as well. Typically biting human beings, fleas can cause itchy, unsightly marks as well as severe allergic reactions. Fleas tend to travel with mammals on the move, which can include not only you and your pet but also rodents. If you have a rodent problem in your home, fleas may be soon to follow. If you suspect a flea infestation, be proactive in treating the problem and contact a licensed pest control professional to rid your home of fleas and to prevent future infestations.

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