Easter Fun and Festivities!

I love the Easter long weekend, 4 glorious days off to rest and relax!

South East Queensland was truly blessed with the most amazingly warm and sunny weather, which is a change from the usual cool and wet that seems to arrive at the same time as ‘the bunny’.

Easter is all about spending time with family, so up the coast we went (along with hundreds of others), turning the Bruce highway in to a carpark. But it is worth it.

easter tree

Mum always has her Easter tree on display.

A German tradition that is looks absolutely gorgeous as you walk in the front door.


Way too much food and drink was consumed, but we enjoyed every mouthful, and some my parents friends joined us on Saturday and Sunday. Two mini parties in a row. I still feel full 2 days on.


The ‘bunny’ has been, stocking us up on chocolate treats for the next few weeks.

In amoungst all the over-indulgence, we did go for a long walk along the beach and paddled our toes. I was disappointed that I did not take my togs, as the water was still lovely and warm, not what I expected.


And some people travel all around the world to find a beautiful beach, and this magnificent stretch of coast is there for the taking. The Sunshine Coast is truly beautiful.

Even though I don’t get to see my parents as much as I would like too, going up to visit them always feels like a holiday even if it is only for a few days. I do like having a holiday home at the beach. 🙂

Do you have Easter traditions?

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