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Letting the universe know that I am loving some of the wonderful things I discovered this week…. Lusting after them is probably closer to the truth, but focusing on things you love and not ‘want’ just makes it easier for the universe to deliver!!!!

CITIZEN ECO DRIVE watches harness the power of LIGHT to drive these beauties! They store power for days even if you don’t wear them. No more mad dashes to the jewellers when the battery dies, mine all seem to die at the same time and I feel lost if I don’t have a watch on!

WIND IN MY HAIR – As CEO of WW HQ, I have made the executive decision that my next car is going to be a convertible. Brisbane has the perfect climate for such driving pleasure (well….maybe not everyday!). Since deciding this I have seen so many beautiful makes and models and I love so many of them……please just make it black, black or black!

CHARMING!  I have always loved charm bracelets, still got my original silver charm bracelet from my childhood, an almost full Pandora and today am wearing my Thomas Sabo Obsidian bead bracelet with 3 gorgeous charms hanging off it. This little beauty above is gorgeous (and I love my laptop), but aside from it’s cuteness, with every purchase, 50% off the profit is donated to Inveneo, which helps to provide web access to underpriviledged nations. ALTRUETTE have a lovely range of charms and causes that benefit from their sale.

DINNER WITH A VIEW! Food always seems to taste better if the restaurant provides a glorious aspect as part of the package, and this is truly hard to beat. Located on the 63rd floor of the Leboa Hotel in Bangkok, this is a ‘heavenly’ way to dine! It has been a few years since I have been in Thailand, and I defintely have a desire to go back.

Did you discover anything wonderful this week that you would LOVE to see in your life?

One thought on “Love It – Wonderful Finds Of The Week

  1. I have discovered the beauty of Spain and how wonderful it would be to have an apartment here for a while. I have discovered how wonderful and freeing it is working for me and I would love to expand that so I can continue 🙂

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