Miss WW Has A Serious Addiction!

 Most 16 year olds have a fixation on something, fortuntely Miss WW has a healthy one!

While many girls Miss WW’s age are totally focused on boys and their social lives, mine is a little different. She is a high achieving student, has a great group of friends both male and female, is a little OCD and when she gets on a role with anything she gives it 100%.

When she was younger, we had many of the usual childhood fixations, including horses (she set up a stable in her wardrobe) and faithfully looked after her fluffy horse, thinking that if she could show us that she could look after a horse we would buy her one! Nup!  Then it was witches that took her fancy, the toy broom we got her for Halloween was taken out into the backyard for many hours of jumping off the retaining wall, absolutely convinced if she kept trying she would fly! Nup!

As with most children we also tried out many extra-curricular activities including gymnastics, jazz ballet, karate, tae kwan do and swimming, but none of these were long term successes, as interest wore off quickly and it became a chore to get her to attend classes, so no point continuing to drain the wallet on these choices.

But 5 years ago, Miss WW, discovered a wonderful new of world of leotards….


No, Miss WW is not competing for Australia at the next Olympics for gymnstics, nor is she a prima ballerina, 5 years ago we discovered the world of Physie, and things have never been the same since!

Physie, what is that I hear you ask???????

Physical Culture or ‘Physie’ as it is affectionately known is a form of precision dance. Even though the Bjelke-Peterson School of Physical Culture has been operating on the east coast of Australia for 120 years, it is amazing how many people have never heard of this incredible sport that girls from 5 to 105 can participate in and even compete for the coverted “Champion Girl” prize each year.

Each year level learns routines choreographed to music, develop flexibility and strength and make some great friends. As the year progresses you get to enter about 5 competitions and most girls will have one, two or maybe three leotards to get them through, but no Miss WW!

Thanks to Face book, physie girls from all around the country are now permanently connected and corresponding, and of course there is the LEOTARD SWAPS AND SALES PAGE that Rebecca trolls day and night, night and day, buying more bargains and selling those she does not want any more…..hence the ever growing collection that is neatly sorted and packed for safe keeping.

She used to dither and deliberate about which leo to wear each time a competition came around, this year is going to be torturous, how on earth will she EVER decide which one to wear??

What are your Miss 16’s in to?

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