Just For You June – Day 4 – Fresh Flowers

JUST FOR YOU JUNE – Creating the habit of having a little ‘me’ time and reaping the rewards!

Flowers are one of natures gifts, and even though our winter gardens are lacking in the floral display department, having fresh flowers in your home is good positive energy.

Day 3 – Fresh Flowers

Don’t wait for someone else to buy you fresh flowers, go and grab some for yourself!

Beautiful fresh flowers are a joy to look at and will certainly help to put some cheer into a cold winters day.

Fresh flowers only have a short life span, and must be thrown out as soon as they start to look droopy, or they simply attract negative energy.

A great solution for flowers in winter is a pot of cyclamens. Their vibrant colours will light up any room, and they are one plant that flower in winter.


This beauty puts a smile on my face everyday!

Keep your cyclamen inside for a few days, but these plants love the cold, so pop it outside regulary, keep them quite moist and add a little dose of fertilizer and they will keep flowering right throughout winter.

Add some flowers to your day, you are worth it!

What is your favourite flower for indoors?

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5 thoughts on “Just For You June – Day 4 – Fresh Flowers

  1. I love flowers and have been known to buy my own (because if I waited for A to buy them for me I would have about 8 bunches in 27 years !!!)
    I like anything that is colourful and cheerful.
    Have the best day !

  2. My favourite would have to be gardenias from the garden for their scent, but if I buy flowers for the house, it’s always lillies. They last and they’re beautiful. I have plants in my home and on my porch – I really love having them around.

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