It’s Physie Competition Time, Bring On The Hair, Makeup And Leotards!

Winter has arrived with a big bang, and that means one thing in our household, it’s Physie Competition time again!

As the temperature drops, the competition season is┬ástarting to warm up, and it is time to get out the leotards, makeup, hair spray and dive into Interclub’s, State and National Finals.

For those uninitiated readers who are scratching their heads and wondering what ‘Physie’ is, its a form of precision dance, made up of many different styles and combined into an age appropriate choreography of 5 set routines, and the BJP School of Physical Culture has been operating in Australia for 120 years, with clubs all around the country.

Since February my Miss WW’s have been learning their routines, that are performed to music, ready for competition time!

Friday night consisted of a 3 hour workshop, run by a National Grand Champion, Nadina Bampton, who really put the girls through their work and gave them some fabulous stretching exercises.

Sunday saw the whole club assemble for a ‘Chocolate Competition’, where every girl gets to perform their work under competition conditions in front of family.

┬áMiss WW having a ‘little’ stretch!

Every year we participate in two Interclub competitions, where we get together with other clubs and the girls compete against each other, then they progress on to State Finals, and National Finals in Sydney for some.

Physie is great exercise, good for strength, balance and flexibility and has no age limit, you can keep on physie’ing as long as you want!

Physie promotes fun and friendship, and you don’t have to compete if you don’t want too, but it is a pity to put a years work into learning the sylubus and not having a go at a comp.

Physie girls on Facebook, share hints and tips, share photo’s of comps, sell leotards they don’t want, and my eldest daughter has ‘physie’ friends all over the country.

So it is time to get out all the red and white (our club colours), try on the leotards, refresh the makeup collection, stock up on hair spray and fake tan, ready for another year of fun and frivolity!

What is the favourite sport your children participate in?

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