How To Boost Your Health With An Easy Hand Massage

 The simple act of giving your hardworking hands a little treat, can give your health a boost at the same time!

Our hands are the most wonderful tools, but are often the most neglected part of our body, with many receiving a slap of hand cream every now and then as a reward for their efforts.

That simple step of applying hand cream can be taken one step further and can be a great way to give our health a boost!

Starting at the tips of our fingers and running through to the tips of our toes we all have ‘energy’ lines that can become congested and blocked. Every part of the hands and feet contain reflex zones that correspond to a particular part of the body.

The gentle therapy of relexology uses massage to clear away congestive build up of toxins in our system and helps vital good energy to flow through us, allowing for better general health.

This chart shows you the points that connect to the respective organs and by gently massaging your hand you can get the good ‘stuff’ flowing.

It is simple to do and can be done whilst relaxing in front of the TV, or in bed before going to sleep.

  • Before you start, wash your hands thoroughly, and if you have time, use an exfoliant instead of soap, this will remove all the dead skin cells accumulating on the surface and will allow the hand cream to penetrate and be of even more benefit.
  • Apply a generous amount of hand cream to your hands and gently spread around.
  • Rest the back of one hand in the palm of the other, and then using the ball of your thumb, start massaging all over your hand in small clockwise movements. Don’t forget to massage the fingers and tips as well.
  • If your thumb gets a little sore, simply swap hands now and then.
  • Continue with the massage for as long as you can.

Enjoy this simple technique, make it a regular practice and you will feel better for it!

This is also a wonderful thing you can do for someone else!

Do your hands get the pampering they deserve?

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