Handy hints to make gift wrapping fast and fun!

It is hard enough buying all the gifts you need for Christmas, and then there is the wrapping!

I find this task one of the most arduous, but it can be fun and easy. Try these great tips to help you get the job done fast.

Making gift wrapping fast and fun.

A great excuse to stock up on all things glittery and sparkly!

1. Gather all your supplies before you start wrapping. Getting up 10 times to find the tape and tags is a sure-fire way to make you give up until another day.

2. Give each gift a quick examine to ensure no price tags are left on, and if there are a quick burst with a hot hair dryer should see them come off with ease.

3. Organise a gift wrapping party. Invite your friends to bring their pressies to your house for a wrap session. The only rule is they must bring wine!

4. Let the kids help. Give them big sheets of plain paper and let them draw or paint to their hearts content. Use their creations as wrapping paper. You can also give them some cardboard sheets that you can then cut up to use as cards or tags.

5. Make sure you have a yummy treat or 10 to enjoy whilst in solitary confinement of the wrapping room.

6. If you have not finished your shopping yet, make use of the gift wrapping service that many stores and most shopping centres offer at Christmas time.

7. Listen to your favourite music whilst wrapping, it makes the time go faster.

8. Bribe a teenager with cold hard cash to take care of the wrapping for you this year.

9. Don’t wrap a single gift, put each one in a gift bag.

10. Instead of trying to wrap big gifts in paper, use a disposable plastic table cloth instead.

Have you got a great gift wrapping trick to share?

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23 thoughts on “Handy hints to make gift wrapping fast and fun!

  1. Love the snack one too! I use teatowels for the adults (you can buy cheap ones at $2 shops after xmas for the following year) and make that part of the gift. Gift bags are better for the environment as they get reused over and over

  2. Great tips! And I especially like no.2 – I’ve never thought to use the hot hair dryer to remove price labels. I’ll definitely be giving that one a go.

    1. I am a little OCD, as long the paper and tags are in complimentary colours I am OK, but they don’t all have to be exactly the same.

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