How to Ready Your Home For This Warm Summer

How to Ready Your Home For This Warm Summer

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When summer rolls around and the temperature starts to climb, it’s advisable to start looking at the different ways that you can keep your home cool. Get started by following the below tips and you’ll be staying cool, calm and collected throughout the summer months.


Keep the fridge well stocked with ice, so you can stay hydrated with lot’s of water.


Admittedly air conditioners can be costly to run but if used wisely, they can help maintain a pleasant ambient temperature in your home. Don’t have them running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as you’ll end up with a hideously large power bill. Follow manufacturer’s instructions and don’t crank the conditioner up to full blast. It’s generally recommended that you set the air-con to 24 degrees during the summer months and try not to have it running all day – if you’re at work all day, an automatic timer (set to switch on an hour or so before you arrive home) will ensure you return to a cool house.

Security Grille Doors

Not only will they keep your belongings safe, but a security grille door can help your home look stylish, and let natural light and air flow through to the rooms. There are a plethora of companies such as Stylewise Security, which are dedicated to installing security doors, blinds/awnings and window screens.


Some people say that fans simply push hot air around a room but if used strategically, fans can greatly assist in keeping your home cool. Heat rises so keep your fan on the floor, preferably as close to the ground as you can get it. Point the fan at an opposite wall so the cool air is forced back into the room. The cool air should eventually blend with the existing hot air and reduce the overall temperature of the room. By placing a bowl of ice in front of the fan, you can accelerate the cooling process.

Wet Sheets

This one’s an old trick from the country. Soak a bed sheet with cold water and peg it in an open doorway – when the breeze passes through it, the air is cooled. This can work surprisingly well but it does mean that you need to have the door open for it to work. It may also be necessary to re-soak the sheet throughout the course of the day.

Hose your House

Before the day gets too hot, get out in the yard and use your hose to soak the exterior of your house. Be sure that you’ve closed all the windows and doors before doing this otherwise you’re going to end up with soggy carpets and a wet bed. By giving the outside walls a good dousing, the core temperature of your house drops significantly. The effectiveness of this method is greatly improved by having plants (especially climbing vines) in close proximity to your house.

Don’t Bake

It may seem obvious but don’t bake cakes or roast a chicken when it’s ridiculously hot outside. Using your oven will dramatically increase the temperature in your house. Keep the gas bottle full and use your BBQ for all your cooking where possible.

What other tricks can you add to this list? Share your tips for keeping cool below!

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