Enjoying The Single Life!

Enjoying the single life, never thought I would, but the scales are tipping!

I have been single now for 15 months after my 23 year marriage collapsed in a screaming heap….

The first 6 months were wasted crying, complaining, blaming, yelling, throwing and all that other crap that you can get involved in when your life gets thrown around like a feather in a cyclone!

But the months are rolling by, and I have not been admitted to the psych ward, got addicted to anti-depressants, thrown myself off a bridge or run away to join the nunnery….actually quite the opposite….I am really starting to enjoy my life my way!


  • I get the whole bed to myself
  • I can coocoon myself in my cloud like doona and not have it stolen off me
  • I can eat M&M’s in bed, the whole damn packet if I feel like it too
  • I can read in bed with the light on
  • I can cook whatever I want for dinner
  • I don’t have to justify or explain what I did all day
  • The “Chateau de cardboard” in the fridge is NOT empty
  • The toilet seat is always¬†DOWN
  • No more bars of soap in the shower creating scum, just beautiful shower gel
  • Complete control over the TV remote
  • The entire¬†wardrobe is all MINE
  • I CAN have my hot pink and gold buddha sheets on the bed without feeling guilty
  • I can fill the house with the aroma of beautiful and uplifting floral pure essential oils, without the wrinkled nose reaction
  • I get to pick which lounge I sit/blob/doze on
  • BUT most importantly, I have found my voice and am learning to say what really needs to be said, rather than saying something I don’t really feel, just to keep the peace!

I have forgiven myself, released the blame, and am doing things that make ME feel happy, rather than always putting everyone else’s need in front of mine……we mum’s are really good at that. Under the circumstances I now have a calm relationship with my ex. There are no custody war’s, we sorted that ourselves, and our two fabulous daughters are happy and adjusting beautifully. I have a lot to be thankful for and refuse to spend anymore time living in the past……the future awaits.

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