Author Blog Challenge – Day 8 – Where The Heck Did It Come From?

Describe the research process for your book. / How prominent a role did the Internet play? 

So where the heck did all the ideas, all the words, and all that informtion for Kids R Klever – How To Help Your Kids Shine! actually come from????????

Blood, sweat, tears, tantrums, exploding internet download limits and sore typing fingers……no not really, wellllllll may be a little!

As a Natural Therapist, with a clinic that provides “pampering treatment with a purpose” (hence the business name – Detox For Life), my training included massage, diet & nutrition, aromatherapy, beauty therapy, EFT and much more. All of this was born from a desire to find natural alternatives to common ailments my girls suffered when they were young.  I tried to not race to the doctors for anti-biotics everytime an ear infection or sore throat occured. I am not against traditional medicine, just like to find a happy medium between the two to keep us all happy and healthy.

I have never stopped learning, I pour through health magazines, and piles of books from the library whenever I have a spare minute. There is always something new to discover. Why bother learning all this wonderful stuff, that can make such a difference to family dynamics and not share it with others?

A huge thank you goes to my best friend GOOGLE as I ploughed through internet pages justifying and verifying everything that I wanted to share. Could not have done it without you!

But, life experience played the biggest role in the how’s, why’s and where’s of my book. I have two gorgeous daughters who are truly my pride and joy, and I am blessed that even though they are 16 and almost 13, I am not struggling with that horrible time that many teenage/parent combo’s go through. I have an amazing relationship with both of them, that includes an open line of communication that lets them to be open with me about what is happening in their lives, that even their friends are a little jealous of how well we get on. They still want me to be part of their everyday lives and don’t sulk and hide in their rooms. They are both excelling at school, have great friends and are in fabulous health. A parent really can not ask for more and I really wanted to help other parents create this style of life as well.

Children are our apprentices, and learn from us, so much more than what schooling provides. Our beliefs become theirs and very few ever question or stretch beyond that. I know I have held myself back from opportunities and let fear rule some of my choices and decisions, I am determined that my girls will not suffer the same way. A large portion of my book, is devoted to helping parents and children understand that the only limits they have are the ones they put there, breaking through this patten and allowing them to acheive anything they desire with lot’s of fun along the way is a much better way to live this precious life we have!

Wishing you a wonderful day…..time to go and cook up a storm, my bestie and her family are coming for dinner to celebrate her birthday!

What limiting belief has stopped you acheiving a desire?

One thought on “Author Blog Challenge – Day 8 – Where The Heck Did It Come From?

  1. What a gift our children are to us. As if parenting of itself was not a journey enough, they open up a whole heap of other areas of learning…beautifully articulated. Thank you

    Lisa x

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