Embracing Bright Colours This Summer!

I have always loved bright colours, and fortunately they do suit me.

The earthy tones and I are not good friends, you will not find brown, beige or yellow in my wardrobe, as they make me look quite ill.

So all these wonderful bright colours that are around this summer are becoming quite at home in my wardrobe!

It all started with my favourite Christmas pressie, from Miss WW, a very gorgeous handbag that could not get much brighter if it tried. Did not think I was really a fan of Orange, but I have changed my mind, BIG TIME! It is one of the Kardashian Kollection that I got from Strandbags.


The new iphone 5 needed a nice safe cover so that another screen smashing incident did not occur, and of course a lovely bright pink one managed to find it’s way into my mail box, thanks to a great ebay seller from Melbourne who stock them in all sorts of great colours for just under $8.00 delivered. 🙂


AND just to really stick with the theme, I happened to stumble upon this ipad case that just so happens to complete this trio so nicely! Scored this today for only $20.00 at Cosmetics Plus.


Very happy girl, very bright girl and just wondering what else I can add to the collection?

Do you wear bright colours, or do you leave them for others like me?

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