Diet Of Plenty – Book Review

The first day of Spring seems like the perfect day to dive into a book with the word DIET in it!

As we shed the layers of clothes and lament over all those warming hot chocolates and hearty winter fare we enjoyed, our thoughts turn to shedding some excess poundage and getting into shape.

How many diets have you tried?

How many products have you bought that promised amazing results?

If you are anything like me, you could make quite a list!

I love food and especially sweet things.

A little while ago I decided that my goal for Spring was not to find some amazing diet plan that would turn me into a super model, but would make a concerted effort to reduce my sugar intake, as my first step to a leaner and happier me.

When I saw a callout to review a new book that included the word ‘diet’ and ‘plenty’ together, I knew I had to put my hand up.

Diet of plenty book review

 This book is NOT about measuring, weighing, rules, must-do’s, guilt trips, denying or starving.

This book IS all about changing focus.

This book will gently guide you away from feeling guilty and deprived.

If you are like me, you start out on a new diet or program determined to succeed this time, and by the afternoon it’s all fallen in a heap because the pack of biscuits in the cupboard were just way tooooooo tempting and then you feel guilty.

Instead of that same old roundabout you will discover so many ways you can nourish your body and mind and reap the rewards.

Each chapter has a goal to be reached, but you get there at your pace, adjusting your habits as slowly or as quickly as you are comfortable with.

The first chapter is titled FEAST. There is no mention of weighing, measuring, portion control or restrictions.

Each chapter is full of hints, tips and good food suggestions.

There is also plenty of explanation as to why some foods and habits have such a negative effect on our health.

Bad eating habits develop over time and new good habits also take time.

This book is not just about food – exercise, shopping habits, cooking, discovering new ways to view your life and self love are all vital parts to becoming a healthier you.

Take Amy’s advice and throw away your scales and start to nourish your body and mind instead.

Before you join another club or buy another magic pill (that probably wont work), why not give this a try.

This could be the best $5.95 you ever spend on your health, download your copy NOW!

(This is not an affiliate link, I am simply sharing an awesome find)

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