The 5 Point Checklist for Buying the Perfect Mattress

mattress buyers checklist



A mattress should last you up to eight years and it can be a big investment, so it’s important you know what you’re looking for before you even set foot in a store. Here is a five point checklist to get the mattress that’s right for you. This post is brought to you by Super Amart.


The size and height of your mattress are two important factors in your purchase. You may be looking to pick up a new mattress for your current base or seeking a different size to suit your needs. So consider what’s likely to occur in your life in the near future, and don’t forget to measure up. Mattresses come in a variety of sizes including some with extra length.

Standard sizes are:

• Single (92cm x 188cm)
• Long single (98cm x 204cm)
• King single (107cm x 204cm)
• Double (138cm x 188cm)
• Queen (153cm x 204cm)
• King (183cm x 204cm)
• Extra king (204cm x 204cm)

They also come in different heights and this should be factored in if you have mobility issues getting in and out of bed.

Soft or firm

How you sleep and personal preference determine the level of softness or firmness required. A general rule of thumb is to test the mattress in-store for about 20 minutes to determine what’s right for you, and bring an observer. The key is to lie on your side and ensure your spine remains in a neutral position without curvature and without pressure on your joints.

Retailers like Super Amart, who have furniture stores on the Gold Coast, in capital cities and throughout regional areas, have a huge selection of beds on display, allowing you to try before you buy.

Slat, ensemble or adjustable

The type of bed base you have can impact your mattress selection. An adjustable bed may require one or two specific mattresses, with foam lending itself to the adjustable task. Meanwhile, for slat beds you may need a slightly softer mattress than required for an ensemble.


If you are prone to allergies then consider this when looking at mattresses. Some are made from allergen resistant foam which can help reduce allergies and asthma.


And of course, don’t forget your partner. You should mattress shop with your bed companion to decipher whether your preference suits theirs. If you have very different views of what constitutes comfortable, there are mattresses that offer different softness on each side.

Modern technology also means you should not feel the movement of your partner rolling in bed, but if they are likely to wake, you could go for pocketed coil mattresses with memory foam.

Selecting a mattress is one of those purchases that takes a little time and investigation. Most importantly, it requires actual testing. Be sure to really try before you buy without being embarrassed. Remember salespeople expect you to test mattresses. They should be more than happy to assist you in the search, and don’t be afraid to hunt down the item that’s perfect for you.

What has your experience been like in the past, when it comes to buying a new mattress?

Were you happy with the outcome or did you have to exchange it?

Is it time you bought a new mattress?

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