Curry In A Hurry – Passage To India Is Fast And Fabulous!

We love our curry in this house, but time constraints means that making our own does not happen often!

Making a good curry takes time as you really should make it the day before to allow the flavours to develop, love and a truck load of ingredients, that for many is just to hard.

Passage to India have made good curry a quick and easy process and Tikka Masala is an absolute favourite now.


Chicken or Beef, take your pick!

I prefer this one made with beef, but traditionally Tikka Masala is made with chicken, either way it tastes awesome.


Use Rump steak finely sliced as this always stays nice and tender.

Add some vegetables for a well-rounded meal, I always add finely diced onion, capsicum and a handful of frozen baby beans.

The packet suggests adding a little fresh cream at the end, don’t miss this bit, it makes a huge, very yummy difference.

Serve with steamed Jasmine rice.

We always have roti or naan bread with our curry. You can make your own roti easily with this recipe.

Dinner is done in 15 minutes and you will really enjoy this tasty sensation.

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3 thoughts on “Curry In A Hurry – Passage To India Is Fast And Fabulous!

  1. Oh yum I love cooking with this. Its so good for when your just not up to cooking anything. its all mixed for you just add meat and rice.

  2. Hi, I’m not too sure where you’re from, but if you can get your hands on the Patak’s Tikka Misala (in a glass jar), that one’s pretty good too! I haven’t tried adding cream to the Patak’s one, instead I put a dollop of plain yoghurt on top of a serving. Yum. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now I want a curry! Haha…

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