Collecting Free Cash For Christmas

Christmas costs money, lots of money, so finding easy ways to have more set aside in December will make bring joy to festive season a little easier. If the cash happens to be free well that is even better!

I have had a Woolworths Every Day reward card for years, but I had never bothered registering it. Every now and then as the points grew to 2000 I would receive a $10 discount at the register. Nice bonus, but it was only a few months ago that I found out that you could elect to hold those bonuses and let them collect to use for Christmas.

Now I do appreciate you have to spend plenty of dollars to receive those $10 bonus discounts, but we need to eat, clean and wash so I have to spend money at a supermarket to do those things. In the past I have used Coles Fly Buy points to be credited to my card during the festive season, and now I do the same with my Woolworths one too.

I currently have $40 sitting in my account and on 01 December they total will be released for me to use for Christmas. Now that amount is not going to buy to many bottles of bubbles….but it is only May so there is a few months to go!

If you want to collect your dollars, you will need to register your card. Once that is complete, you go to the control panel and you can change your settings from the default one of giving you a $10 discount at the time of purchase at any time during the year once you have 2000 points banked up.

The other thing that happened when I registered my card and provided my email address, I started received special bonus points offers and the chance to get free products. Unless I normally use the product on offer, I don’t take them up on it, as I refuse to waste money on products that I have no interest in just to earn bonus points. I did discover a great new curry paste that I was able to get for free, so I call that winning.

Every little bit helps, and all those dollars I have spent at Woolworths would have been spent there regardless, so I see it as free money and I am happy with that.

Do you collect rewards dollars to use at Christmas time?

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