Balancing The Energies Of 2013 With Feng Shui Australian Style!

Sunday heralds the start of the Chinese New Year, and with it brings a change in the energy that will be entering your home.

With most Feng Shui publications being from the Northern Hemisphere, Australians often wonder if they have to reverse the advise given, but we actually don’t. We also don’t have to fill our homes with chinese objects that might look out of place with our decor. The trick is too work with the elements and the locations in our home, and you can use colour and shape, just as effectively as traditional chinese ‘cures’.

Before you start, you will need a compass, and if you don’t have a real compass, most smart phones have one or you can get an app that will help you locate the different locations around your home. You need to be able to determine which rooms fall into the main sectors. Don’t worry if some rooms fall into two sectors, that is very normal. Simply ‘split’ the room in half and work with each half with the appropriate decor.

The ‘chi’ or energy of your home can support you or it can create discord. Using the guidelines below you will simply be helping the natural flow of energy to help support your endeavours and dreams rather than create blockages that you might not realise are even there.

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The Golden Rule – Balance is the key, don’t go into massive overdrive and flood an area with any of the recommendations, decor highlights is what you are trying to acheive, not total overkill.

Using your compass, and standing in the middle of your home, determine which room/rooms fall into each of the directions and mentally divide your home into 9 rectangle.

bagua overlay


The first sectors we need to enhance and nourish are the ones with where the good energy is flowing in. We want to make sure that we are not filling these area’s with things than reduce the positive flow of good stuff, we all want more good things in life, let them flow…….

NORTH EAST – For 2013 this is the luckiest part of your home, and relates to the wealth opportunities for you, so you really want to look after this zone! Keeping this part of your home clean, clear of clutter and fresh will help support the wonderful energy heading your way. Enhancing this sector of your home with things that represent the ‘FIRE’ element. Items in the colour red, purple, orange, yellow and pink are perfect or triangular in shape are perfect. You don’t need to paint the walls fire engine red, simply add highlights, such as cushions, table runners, even books with red covers will do the trick. Adding items from the ‘EARTH’ element is also worthwhile. Natural stones, crystals, crystal ware, earthen ware bowls etc. This is the area for bright lights, music, images of things you love and that inspire you and a wonderful place to spend as much time as you can. Use this zone to recite affirmations of all things abundant and joyful.

What you need to avoid having too much of in the sector of your home is items that are metal, in metallic colours and round in shape. Metal energy will harm the good chi floating in, so move these type of items out of this area as much as possible.

NORTH – If one of your goals is to change or improve your career situation this year, then this is the sector that must be nourished and nutured. This sector will benefit from adding the element ‘METAL’, so all things metallic, objects that are white or grey, gold or silver belong here. Items that are round are also on the list. Objects from the ‘WATER’ element are also welcome. Anything coloured blue, black or dark grey. Beautiful vases, water features (not in your bedroom though), items that have a wavy patten will all be beneficial. This is a wonderful part of your home to have your vision board on display. A powerful chinese favourite is a horse, so an image or an ornament of a horse belongs here.

What you need to avoid in the sector is elements that represent ‘FIRE’ or ‘WOOD’ and the colours associated with these.

SOUTH EAST – This sector is the traditional wealth zone of your home, but the energy of this year can also bring luck in romance, creativity and educational parts of your life. To enhance this zone add the element of ‘WATER’, so all things blue and black, vibrant green plants (not in your bedroom though), fresh flowers, beautiful pictures of water scenes that you love, a water feature (again not in the bedroom). Beautiful pairs of things belong here this year. A pair of Rose Quartz crystal hearts would be perfect. Images of happy couples, a pair of birds or two flowers would be wonderful.

What you need to avoid in this sector is images of single people or unhappy people. Items that are from the elements ‘FIRE’ or ‘METAL’ as these harm the beneficial energy.

NORTH WEST – The energy flowing into this sector, brings with it acknowlegement of your accomplishments and will help you to aim higher than you ever thought possible (great zone for a home office this year!). Enhance this powerful energy with items that are ‘METAL’ or ‘EARTH’. This is a great spot to hang a metal windchime that tinkles in the breeze. Quartz crystals belong here or your gemstone collection will feel right at home. Pictures of successful and happy people in black or metals frames will be powerful tools for this area. This is a great place to keep your gratitue journal, and to spend a few minutes each day, focusing on all that you are grateful for and adding this to your journal.

What you need to avoid in this sector is ‘FIRE’ and ‘WATER’ objects and colours.

SOUTH – The powerful energy flowing into the South this year, can bring great luck for your future wealth and success. Enhance your future luck with the ‘FIRE’ element. 9 red, pink or purple candles together is fantastic. Fresh flowers, happy and joyful images, healthy plants, or a lucky 9 stem bamboo pot would be great. A beautiful photo of a glorious sunrise would be very effective.

What you need to avoid in this sector is items that represent ‘WATER’ both in real life and in colour. Mirrors belong to the ‘WATER’ energy so they should be removed for this year.

With all things, there is good and there is bad, energy is no different. Fortunately there are ways to help calm the negative energy that will be flowing into your house!


CENTRE – The biggest challenge for your home in 2013 will be right in the middle. Most importantly keep this area of your home as clutter free and clean as possible, you don’t want it to be trapped. Keeping things quiet and not performing any noisy renovations is a safe option. This area will benefit from adding ‘METAL’ items. Metallic, white and grey, and round. If you can find a suitable spot, a bowl of clean water (changed daily) will be beneficial.

For this sector, as much as possible, avoid ‘FIRE’ colours and objects and ‘EARTH’ items. Taking care in this zone really aids in the good luck you experience for the year, definately worth the effort.

SOUTH WEST – This part of your home needs to be looked after to calm the power of the ‘illness’ star. The same treatment as above for the Centre, is required. Adding ‘WATER’ items and the colours of blue and black will be beneficial.

For this sector, again, you want to avoid the ‘FIRE’ colours and objects again.

WEST – protecting this sector from the inflow of negative events is a priority. Adding items that represent ‘WATER’ is the affective way to control this energy. A water feature in this sector would be great (but not in a bedroom). Use blue and black and wavy patterns. Cushions, a lampshade or curtains in these colours are a great idea.

Try and limit ‘FIRE’, ‘EARTH’ and ‘METAL’  inspired elements in this part of your home.

EAST – To help protect relationships, you need to turn up the heat in the east. That means adding ‘FIRE’ elements to this sector. Adding red, purple, and orange will work beautifully. Candles used regularly in warm colours is perfect. A splash of ‘METAL’ in this area will also be helpful. Don’t completely flood the area with red as this can lead to chilli hot tempers. Balance is important. If you have a Buddha, he is welcome to reside in this sector.

In this area ‘WOOD’ and ‘WATER’ in not welcome as they dampen the powerful affect of ‘FIRE’.

So get your decorator hat on, use the items you have, just move them around to put them too good use. Your home is your haven, get the energy in your home to support you for 2013!

Wishing you success and joy.

3 thoughts on “Balancing The Energies Of 2013 With Feng Shui Australian Style!

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  2. Greetings!
    My husband and I are designing a house and i am not sure how to apply the fung shui principles to our design. It is an unusually shaped house, a hexagon with two wings. would be greatful for your advice. 🙂

    1. Hi Colleen, my best advice would be to see if you can find a Feng Shui consultant in your local area. There are so many factors that can influence the flow of chi in your home. Any Feng Shui expert will tell you that the perfect shape for luck and prosperity will be a neat rectangle or square. When you have a house that is of irregular shape, you will have areas that will gain from the design, but unfortunately some areas will struggle due to imbalance. Good luck. xx N

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