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When I first saw the the theme for this week’s Lounge link-up, the first thought that crossed my mind, don’t bother that would be the MOST boring post you have ever written!

All of my neighbours keep to themselves, behave themselves, mow their lawns, trim their hedges, don’t have loud parties and yep, told you so, pretty boring.

BUT then we have had a few incidences around here, that involve neighbours of a different kind.

Albany Creek has a large tract of bushland that runs right threw the suburb and very close to our home. We have some very interesting neighbours of the natural kind, that have caused some giggles and chaos.

There is the residential weeders and garden destroyers (aka Bush Turkeys), who at one stage had a massive nest in our backyard. Thanks to my total lack of desire to trim the tree’s that surrounded it, the heavy foliage cut the light to such a degree they abandoned nest for warmer, sunnier pastures. (The egg’s don’t develop unless they are kept at a steady warm temperature) WIN!!!!

I am quite sure someone put an ad in the local Nature Gazette…..’Have Cat Food, Will Feed A Crowd’.

Miss Tiger’s bowl used to live just inside the laundry door. Our resident Blue Tongue lizards would regularly come to feast on the morsels that she didn’t finish.


I am happy to share food with this cute couple!

Another day saw one of those dragon lizards filling his belly, and I was not quite so keen, but could cope.

Then one day I heard this noise and expecting to see a lizard variety beast having a snack, I was greeted by a giant, totally revolting cane toad, sitting smack bang in the middle of the bowl. I should have grabbed my phone and taken a happy snap, but I was not feeling very happy.

Shout and yell I did, made no difference. Threw pegs and a hand duster brush, made no difference. Locked the laundry door and waited for it to depart when it was ready, worked!

The cat’s bowl has a new home in the kitchen, and we are now only feeding the feline, not the neighbourhood!

Spring is in the air, and most mornings I am greeted by Mr & Mrs Duck and their brood of little ducklings, nibbling away on the front lawn (I have a valid reason for not mowing my lawn every week).

Possums hiss and fight in the trees when darkness falls, bats woosh around in the trees if I take the rubbish out at night, but I can handle that, just don’t do CANE TOADS!

What native neighbours do you share your home with?

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3 thoughts on “Around The ‘Hood!

  1. Ewww cannot stand cane toads either. Those and cockroaches. I can do most other creepy crawlies but those two send shivers up my spine!

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge

  2. They sound like mostly great neighbours – we don’t get cane toads in the UK I’m pleased to say but I do get the odd frog stop by to share the cats food

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