3 Ways to Help Yourself Feel Sexy Again After Having a Baby

I hated being pregnant. My feet were the size of Kleenex boxes, my butt had its own subdivision and my stomach looked like I had preyed on an unsuspecting beach ball, dislocating my jaw and swallowing it whole to lodge in my abdominal area. Some women love it, some women hate it, some women seem to be addicted to the maternal glow, but me? I couldn’t wait to snap back to my original shape and have a cute baby to carry around. In case you can’t tell, I was a bit delusional; nothing bounced back. If my skin were a rubber band, it lost its youthful elasticity and been replaced with this deflated squidge of flesh – I was now a DEFLATED beach ball. Sexy, right? Those size 10 jeans were going to have to wait until my newborn transformed into a predictable, routine friendly child. Like I said, delusional.

Something I did discover? Mum’s are pretty hot. Yeah, you might be feeling a little too stripey and saggy to get your sexuality into gear, but it IS possible to feel absolutely smoking post-baby.


Stop Waiting to Reach THAT Number

You know what number I’m talking about. The pre-pregnancy number on the scales or your clothing tags. Your body has changed, it has grown and nourished a whole person, completed by a unique DNA stream and a quirky personality – why would it look the same? Pack up your favourite pre-baby skinny jeans (for now, you’ll get there in the end) and go shopping! Buy whole outfits that make you feel like an absolute goddess. Not for your husband’s sake (though he will appreciate your renewed self-esteem) but for your sanity. Are nursing? Break the budget and invest in a good maternity bra and skip the cheap fixes – comfort is important. Not nursing? Your boobs have probably grown significantly anyway, enjoy them while they’re there and splash out on a couple of lacy numbers and show off your new cleavage.

Stop Your Subscriptions

Seriously, holding celebrity bodies up as an example of realism and perfection is ill-founded at the best of times, let alone when you’re in a peaking state of vulnerability. I would have loved to have a personal chef, personal trainer, a team of nannies and oodles of spare time to dedicate to regaining my before pregnancy figure; unfortunately I didn’t have the money or the A-lister status to command such a formidable staff. Chances are, neither do you. Instead, give yourself a break and don’t compare yourself to women who have absolutely everything at the click of their fingers. Do the best with what you have, get outside and go for walks, start a few squat rounds while the baby sleeps and squeeze in what you can. It will happen when it happens, until then, marvel at the amazing feat your body just accomplished.

Appreciate Your Curves

If you gave birth recently (or will be soon enough), you’re probably sporting a nice set of twins – boobs, that is. Truthfully, guys don’t see you as this bloated, Shamu beast, marked and silvery, tired and veiny, that imagery is all in your head. While most new Mum’s aren’t ready for sex straight away, or even six months down the track when things are starting to ah, heal, there’s nothing wrong with exploring bedroom sensuality without the sex factor. Do you need inspiration? Jump onto a site like naughtybutnice.com.au and pick up some body heating massage oil, and have his hands worship you in the way your powerful body deserves.


Have you recently given birth? What’s standing in your way when it comes to feeling sexy again?

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