Tricks to a perfect sleep

We’ve all experienced that moment of lying in bed without even the slightest hope of going to sleep soon. You turn your head to your clock to discover its 3AM. It’s at this point that you find it difficult to believe that we spend a third of our lives sleeping. ‘Trying to get to get sleep,’ well you’d believe that. There are medications available but they don’t get to the root of the problem and are not designed for long-term treatment. The following article lists some simple tips to consider that will help you get that perfect night of sleep.


The bed

Is your bed comfortable? If not get a mattress foundation ideal for memory foam, this will make your bed more comfortable. You want the right pillow depending on your sleeping position. You may be overdue for a new bed. Don’t be afraid to look at what else is available Bunkers Sydney Finally, the bed should be for sleep and sleep only. Keep your phone, laptop and television out of it. You want to train your mind to switch off when you get into bed. Keeping technology outside of the bed will insure you aren’t sending your brain mixed messages.


You are what you eat. If you eat well then you feel good, this is not news to anyone. It shouldn’t be surprising that what you eat can greatly affect how you sleep. Try to not eat too close to bed time. You want to give your body the chance to digest. Therefore, you let your body focus on relaxing whilst you’re trying to get to sleep.


Workouts should ideally be done in the morning. It takes your body five hours to return to normal temperature after exercise. This can help deepen your sleep and also help you fall asleep quicker. What’s not to like? This is not an excuse to stop exercising, it’s a suggestion to rearrange your schedule to avoid exercising at night.


Naps are the devil. They tempt you during the day and can be disastrous for your nights rest. They can really interrupt your sleeping schedule. However, you can learn to master the nap. Calculate when is going to be the best time for you to nap and treat yourself. Early afternoon is generally the best time.


It’s as simple as starting a schedule and sticking to it. Your body responds well to routine. You want to have an evening routine that encourages your body to start winding down. You don’t want to be in bed unless you are feeling tired. Your perfect routine may include some light reading, television or a bath. If television is your choice try to find something else thirty minutes before bed.

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